Available in chocolate brown color, this area rug would look great in your living room. Rust. While stain will darken the wood and keep things more uniform in color, secondary colors will still show through. Light hardwood floor will need red, moss green, pale … Whether you are placing an order for this particular area rug, or any other make sure you are aware of the size and dimensions. source. It’s possible that you would be getting an area rug at a relatively lower price, but the quality might not be as expected. Artistic Weavers Odelia Updated Traditional Color Area Rug. Take a look at this blue/orange area rug and you would instantly fall in love with the design. Nowadays people opt for online purchases due to which it might be a little tough to understand the compatibility. You should know what size of the area rug would be suitable for your living room. Polypropylene material is used in the making and it is rectangular in shape. It is water-resistant so you would like it more! While you’re at it, you’ll want to think about placing your rug … It is made of durable material and cleaning it would be easy for you. However, it is important for you to figure out whether the end result would be as per your expectations or not. A dark navy-blue rug, for instance. It sounds beautiful! If your upholstery has patterns, consider using the same type of patterns on the rug to carry on with the theme of the room. You can take a look at the following colors and designs: This area rug with floral design and red color would look great in your living room with a light hardwood floor. How a place appears also depends on the taste and preferences of the individual and each person is different. Check out on Amazon Well Woven Madison Shag Plain Light Blue Modern Solid Area Rug, #4. #3. It appears to be composed of high-quality material and you would actually feel the softness just by looking at it. It’s always better to be aware of the relevant features and specifications. How to steam clean an area rug on hardwood floors Step 1. I personally believe that buying a light ivory grey area rug was the best decision because the ivory grey color does match with dark hardwood floors, I bought this area rug from amazon about 5 days ago and I’m very happy with my purchase. When you would check the products online, usually there are specifications and features mentioned. The hardwood floor in question need to be properly sealed and protected by a waterproof barrier. Cleaning should be easy and when it comes to cleaning of the area rugs, you should know what products would be ideal for your use such as vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, or maybe just the carpet cleaning brush with baking soda to remove the stains of the area rug. Carpets come in a variety of colors… The hardwood floors and the textured walls unify this space with their light colors and subtle movement. In most cases, the rug’s manufacturer will put a warning on the rug that indicates that the color may run through the rug if it is wet, so it is extremely important to read the label before purchasing any area rug for your floor. Because contrasting colors tend to draw the eye, use a contrasting-colored rug if you want to highlight a focal point on the hardwood floor. good luck! If you find yourself confused to make a final purchase decision in favor of one particular area rug or the other, you can take guidance from the friends and family members. Loloi Rugs After all, the color of the floor sets the tone for an entire room. With a rectangular shape, you would find it an interesting addition to your house. Protect the hardwood floor by placing a waterproof plastic sheet under the rug. You can take their opinion to see what would look best on the light hardwood floors of your house. When selecting what color area rug with light hardwood floors would be suitable, you have to keep some of the important aspects in mind. 99 The material for this particular area rug is polypropylene. However, it would be a good idea to check the images and find a relevant video if possible. After all, you would be investing in such a product so that your house would look more presentable to the visitors. In any case, you know where you stand and thus, select accordingly. Buying this area rug was a good decision for me simple because it matches the dark hardwood floors extremely well. Unique Loom Chromatic Collection Abstract Modern Light Blue Area Rug, #2. It would require a little effort on your part, but in the end, it would be worth all the efforts. Usually, when people are placing an order online it is hard to figure out whether the quality of the product would be great or not. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Colors can be soothing to the eyes and it’s possible that some people would only prefer colorful options. Basic concept of How to Choose an Area Rug Color for Hardwood Floors : Interior Design. And if you plan to place any furniture in the hallway, keep it off the rug. Many people spend weeks or months trying to find the perfect area rug – the right color, texture, pattern and size, but then the area rug pad becomes just an after thought. This particular area rug is available in a light blue color and has a plain design. It has a great design that looks appealing to the eyes. It is hand made and has synthetic material; it is available in rectangular shape that would make it a suitable addition to the place of your choice. You have to select an area that’s of good quality, but at the same time, it should be easy on your pockets. For example, if you want to keep it in the living room then you should measure the relevant dimensions. It’s not necessary that you go with a rigid choice since the light hardwood floor might be limiting your options. Based on the color you can decide what color area rug with light hardwood floors would be suitable. If you use a round area rug in a large foyer, center it under the light fixture. Under rugs, the flooring is lighter. what I love about this rug is that it has a good quality and very soft and it have awesome colors and gives more decoration, stylish and modern look in the room. If you know what color area rug with light hardwood floors then it would add to the beauty of your place. In fact, it would be a good idea to see what options are available and might look great in your living room. Some basic cleaning techniques can be applied to restore your hardwood floor. Light Gray. There should be some rubber at the back so that you won’t slip while walking on it. The material for this area rug is polypropylene and it is rectangular in shape with a beautiful design. Selecting the colors would be easy once you get a clear idea of where actually you want to place the area rug and how the surrounding furniture would be like. The purpose of placing an area rug in your house is to make it appear more elegant. If there are kids or pets in your house, you need not worry since it is designed to be pet friendly. Hardwood floors are a blessing in kids rooms, and I’m headed there next for some updates and new area rugs. Never compromise on the quality. A hardwood floor is an investment that deserves an attractive, well-made area rug. It won’t shed and it is also stain-resistant. If it’s hard to maintain a product then cleaning it would become a hassle and you don’t want that. One of the most important things to look for in an area rug is making sure it is non-staining. Not only should the rug provide you with the comfort you desire, but it should also complement the look of the wood without harming it. Sweeping. It is composed of synthetic material and is rectangular in shape. For some people, finding the final product would take a lot of time. He spent more than 15 years as a third-generation tile and stone contractor before transitioning into freelance writing. This is where your rug color choice comes in. It is important for you to keep in mind that the material used in the composition of the area rug should be of good quality. After removing all the furniture, vacuum the area rug to get rid of dust and other loose debris. All you have to do is mix and match the color combination of the light hardwood floor with the color of the area rug in your mind. When we say choose rich rug colors, we mean go for shades that are deep or dark. For a rug to be non-staining, the color or dyes contained in the rug will not run or bleed through onto your hardwood floors when they become damp. You just have to check out the design and see if it would be a viable addition to your living area or not. Why Hardwood Floors Fade and Change Color… Fading, bleaching and darkening in hardwood floors because of sun exposure is a pretty complex subject. Such as: When considering what color area rug with light hardwood floors would be suitable, you have to keep the furniture theme in mind as well. For example, the light blue shade would look great with the light hardwood floor. If you are choosing a rug with a pattern, it should contrast with your flooring. Don’t just rely on one area rug as you have the option to select from a variety. Each individual is different and might have different preferences, but there is no harm in exploring what options are available to you and what kind of area rugs would enhance the beauty and elegance of your place. Available in light blue color, a simple look at this … He recently sanded a Heartpine floor for a customer that had several area rugs and furniture, under the rugs the flooring was lighter. In fact, when selecting the area rug for your place, make sure you find out whether cleaning it is an easy option or not. Based on the space in your house and the overall theme you have to figure out whether a round-shaped area rug would be a viable option or a rectangular one. When the rug accompanies hardwood floors, you'll choose from a number of different colors so that your rug either blends in or contrasts with the overall color scheme. You might be opting for it for the living room. Before placing the final order, don’t forget to check the size. The right combination of an area rug and rug pad with your hardwood floor will accomplish all these things to give you many years of enjoyment. Match the rug to these colors to create a blended feeling, as opposed to merely neutral. Unique Loom Chromatic Collection Abstract Modern Light Blue Area Rug, #5. It’s important for you to consider other colors too as you are not just confined to light blue. You can’t just randomly place an order. Make sure the reviews are genuine. Your house would look great and would show your style. Knowing how to pick flooring color is a sought-after skill. In such instances, your preference and the individual taste are above all. You can also see the buyer reviews to see what people have to say. Apart from that, you can also opt for burgundy, red, brown, pale orange, and a lot more. If you are not sure of a certain product or confused between a few options, you can check the relevant price to compare and find the most suitable option for yourself. It’s rare to see such products that have such power to capture your attention. It’s like your reflection but through various things and furniture items. You would like this area rug for your living room especially because it’s as if the design is speaking to you and grabbing your attention. There is a huge variety available on the market and it is hard to settle down on a single design. Rug Light Blue Ideas. Available in Burgundy color, this particular area rug can look great on your light hardwood floor. Because contrasting colors tend to draw the eye, use a contrasting-colored rug if you want to highlight a focal point on the hardwood floor. 10 Best Color Area Rugs For Dark Hardwood Floors 1. Plus, there are tons of images available online that can become your source of inspiration depending on what’s the theme of furniture in your house. (via Lulu and Georgia) Available in a rectangular shape and made of polypropylene material, this area rug can be a suitable addition to your living room. It is a Turkey made product, so if you think it would look suitable in your living room and would go with the light hardwood floors, you can take a look at this product! Upholstery is another important design element of the room, ranging from the sofa and loveseats to the drapes on the windows. Get a rug that has gray and chocolate brown as a small area, but lots of color, whatever color you love like muave or cranberry red, or greens or anything. In a hallway, stretch the length to fill the space, leaving even space on both ends for balance. They do not always match the color of the hardwood floor. So when you are selecting the area rug, you have to see what color would match the light hardwood floor. Usually, there is confusion when you have a huge variety available in front of you. Large living room with a cozy couch, pendant lighting and a large rug. His has been published online through GTV Magazine, Home Anatomy, TravBuddy, MMO Hub, Killer Guides and the Delegate2 group. Depending on what color sofas are there or what other furniture items shades are, it would be a good idea to find a suitable area rug. It’s important that when you are selecting the area rug for your light hardwood floors, you should be aware of your budget. If you just place order chances are you might get the wrong size. Regardless of the floor color, matching the upholstery is another way to tie in the rug with the rest of the room without directly contrasting or matching the color of the hardwood floor. Also consider square rugs, runners, oblong or animal hide rugs. Make sure you don’t go beyond your means. The purpose of such products is to add elegance and style to your house. The opinions of the previous or current customers are of huge value. Next Story » Cheap Primary Colorful Area Rugs. Enjoy Holiday 1981 Non Slip Area Rug Pad Gripper - 10X14 Strong Grip Carpet pad for Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors, Provides Protection and Cushion 4.5 out of 5 stars 354 $59.99 $ 59 . Tim Anderson has been freelance writing since 2007. Rustic modern formal living room with white walls and hardwood flooring along with brick-style fireplaceand grand-looking chandelier. It’s wise to take the measurements of the place where you plan on placing the area rug. A light or bleached wood floor bounces brightness around a room and adapts itself to most furniture choices.Light wood is less dramatic than dark wood underfoot, but allows you to create drama with the props you add. Jute rugs are light brown and wear extremely well so they’re a great option for any space in your home. Echo the natural variety of trees in a forest with an organic look like this … Rugs also protect and enhance a floor. If you desire a blended look for the room with colors that match in the upholstery, walls and accessories, choose an area rug that matches the color of the floor. Finding a suitable color area rug for the light hardwood floor might feel easy, but when you are actually hunting for the right color, it can get a little tough. Make sure the area rug that you are getting for your house is easy to maintain. Assuming that you care about your hardwood floors and your new area rug, make a smart choice for the padding and don’t skimp. Mixed woods and white. When you are selecting the area rugs for your home, make sure it has a non-slip design. But, you have to find a way out and come up with the most suitable design along with suitable colors. Usually, it’s better to be aware of such measurements. You’ll need to … How to Decorate With a Couch Under a Window, How to Pick a Grout Color for a Tile Floor, How to Match Wood Floors With Knotty Pine Cabinets, How to Design a Living Room With Dark Wood Floors, Color Matching Tips for Interior Decorating, San Jose Hardwood Floors: Dressing Your Hardwood Floors: Selecting an Area Rug. This particular light blue area rug would look perfect on your light hardwood floor because of its elegant design. Knowing such information can help you find the most suitable area rug for your light hardwood floors. Some people are naturally great with the decoration of the house and its maintenance while others have to struggle in the process. You would definitely get a suitable idea. If you find it tough, you can ask someone for help. Colors. It is a Turkey made product with a non-slip design so that if you, your kids, or your pet is walking over it, they won’t slip. When you have to select the area rug for your place, you have to see what’s the color of the hardwood floor surface. Depending on where you want to place it, ideally, it would look great against your light hardwood flooring whether you are placing it in the kitchen, dining room, or maybe in the hallway or the living room. Go Zen with all-natural materials in light woods, linen and cotton upholstery, pale or neutral colors and clean lines for a spare, serene space. Choosing patterned rugs helps me brighten a room, add a bit of color, or even achieve a bolder style statement among all the stained woodwork and neutral colors. Hardwood floors make an excellent addition to any home, but they may not always pull the room together as you had envisioned. Sep 25, 2017 - Living Room living room with light hardwood floors Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor Placement of design features on a floor, such as an area rug, are vital to ensuring that your room creates the visual appeal you desire. If you have wallpaper, for example, with a specific print that has various colors throughout, consider matching the colors of the prints as opposed to the color of the actual wall. Use a neutral color on the floor rug to ensure that the eye is not drawn to the floor but rather to any features that you have decorating the wall. It might be tough to get such information, but you can read numerous reviews and buying guides to get enough information on the area rug. This holds especially true if you add light wood furnishings in locations where the dark floor remains visible. Here the white outline of this zebra rug provides good contrast with the existing espresso wood flooring. The sofa set looks classy. For example, if you leave a rug lying on your hardwood floors for too long, it can cause discoloration. Ultimately, color deterioration in hardwood floors is the result of overexposure from 3 things: ultra violet (UV) light, visible light and the infrared (IR) light which causes solar heat. The lighter color creates a stark contrast with the dark wood, balancing out the feel of the room and bringing attention to each element. If you are fascinated by the unique designs, you would find this area rug quite interesting. Shop Area Rugs Tip #1: Choose Rich Colors. Solo Rugs Lyla Contemporary Geometric Area Rug, what’s the theme of furniture in your house, selecting the area rug for your light hardwood floors, Finding Rugs To Protect Hardwood Floors From Water, 6 Tips to Select Rubber Backed Rugs On Hardwood Floors, How Often Should You Replace An Area Rug In Your House, Tiger Print Rugs | 10 Best Top Picks for You, What To Do When Area Rug Smells Like Chemicals, Top Best 10 Modern 10X14 Area Rugs That Will Fit Into Your Space, The 7 Best Sisal Rugs for Cats – Buyer’s Guide, The 5 Best Rugs For Dogs That Chew | Don’t Worry Anymore, Area Rug That Looks Like Water | 10 Best Top Picks for You, Cow – Cowhide Print Rug | 10 Top Picks for You, Lists of the 10 Best 10x12 Area Rugs You Can't Miss, Lists of the Best 7x10 Area Rugs You Can Buy under $100. Area rug purple – There are so many ways to decorate the house and the floor carpet is one of them. The hardwood floors match the natural wood on the ceiling and window panes to create a wholesome country style. Plus, it can even go with the theme of your furniture. We're here to help with hints for choosing stain colors, hardwood colors, carpet colors, and even area rug colors. Then use the rug for an inspiration to get small colored throw pillows with colors from the rug as your guide. Available in light blue color, a simple look at this area rug would make you want it for your lightwood floor. There’s a fireplace as well. This rug on a dark espresso floor would probably not look as good as it does against the light background of the sisal rug which also seems to be the same colour as the wood flooring in this room. You should know how much a certain product would cost you and whether it would be a viable option for you or not. Ease Of Cleaning. Large living room with cozy co… Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug, #4. As mentioned above, light blue would look great on the light hardwood floors. The design and overall appearance of this rug are such that it would look great no matter what’s the theme of the furniture in the room. Depending on your choice, you have to select the area rug; however, there are various other aspects that are important to consider. Many hardwood floors have numerous colors spread throughout the natural grain of the wood. Contrast the color of the rug in comparison to the floor to pull the eye away from the wall, such as in the case of small windows where heavy drapes are used due to a lack of panoramic vistas. For the rug to stand out and improve the general aura of the space, white-colored walls or walls with light colors are great. This living room features a hardwood flooring topped by a rug. Also, if liquid is spilled on a rug and seeps onto your hardwood floor, this also can cause discoloration. Purple works fantastically well with light-coloured wood, and this Brighton Rug is available in a purple haze colour alongside a other colours and similar styles, perfect for … There would be a huge variety available on the market and some of it would be out of your budget. Can You Mix Two Types of Sofas in One Room? June 9, 2020 Rugs Color. Always try to mix and match the choices. Basically, an area rug would complete the look of your house! If the space is small then you can go for the relevant choice. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Finest Area Rugs is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. It is important that you are of the right color combination. Related Q: My husband has been in the wood flooring business for 20 years and is a 3rd generation wood flooring man. For example, if there is a hardwood floor with a ceramic tile inset, consider placing a rug that contrasts the color of hardwood to draw the eye downward. source. This living room has a large row of windows lining the front wall. You can keep a white bookshelf in the nearby area to give a touch of more elegance to the room. Nowadays, you have to place an order online so there is no hassle of an actual window shopping. Modish living room with brown couch set on the rug on top of the hardwood flooring. For example, a large wall tapestry or a bay window with sheer drapes may be the focal point of the room, so use a neutral-colored rug to match the floor if you want the eye drawn to the window. Your house or a place where you live represents you! Make sure you select the best one available on the market. For a dark hardwood floor, the following colors for an area rug will create the perfect complement; beige, gray, light blue with some light stripes, light colors with bright red or blue accents, pastel yellow and white respectively. Your rug will sometimes get stains that you can’t clean on the spot. Rust is one of the natural colors that go best with any dark hardwood flooring. Find out more about the specifications on Amazon. Explore the options and see the magic! In many cases, adding an area rug can add the finishing touch that creates a noticeable theme across your living spaces. It is rectangular in shape and the material is velvet so you can expect it to be soft. Use Rugs Under Other Furniture Items. To bring out the beauty in dark stained hardwood, try a white, off-white or beige area rug. However, it would be best to see the buyer reviews as it would help you know more about the performance and durability of this area rug. If you are wondering what color area rug with light hardwood floors would be suitable, you are in the right place. Perhaps a deep red or maroon Bokhara rug would also look great. To get a clear idea, you have to see the buyer reviews. There are a few designs and colors that would look great no matter what’s the theme. An important aspect to consider while you are trying to find the area rug for your house is its shape. This area rug is am talking about is called Moroccan geometric modern ivory area rug. Dirt, dust, and other abrasive particles can gather and scratch the floor without you even … It would give you a clear idea of how much space the area rug would occupy. "No half off, half on there," he says. You have to see what you like the most. They are actually using the product or have used it in the past and thus, would be able to guide you better in terms of the quality. To coordinate your rug color with an existing color palette, follow the 60-30-10 rule: About 60% of the room is your dominant color, such as the walls or the largest piece of furniture. Somewhere in the details, there would be enough information to figure out the dimensions of the area rug. That said, decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors is not always simple. It has a geometric pattern and material is polypropylene. Check out more at ehowathomechannel. Case in point, the beautiful... 2. Area Rug purple for Hardwood Floors. Knowing what you are looking for can help you in the decision making. The next color of choice that we have for you is light gray, another versatile selection that makes for a... 3. The designs of geometric patterns on it and different shapes adds more beautiful look. Alternatively, choose the secondary colors of the room as the color of the rug, such as the color of the baseboard trim. The area rug you plan on getting for your light hardwood floor should have a suitable design. 30% is a secondary color. If you have hardwood floors, well-chosen and well-placed area rugs are a necessity. Rugs should be effortless to clean and … You want to add more style to your living room as it might look plain without an area rug.