The ski terrain is easy to moderate (blue runs), and the pace is relaxed as you experience your intro into backcountry/heli skiing. Skiers preparing to set off down the Tasman Glacier. Europe Austria Tyrol (Tirol) Tiroler Unterland Kitzbüheler Alpen Brixental. 2 Helicopter Flights and 1 run Tasman Glacier Ski Day full of adventure. Skiing The Tasman Glacier "Down Under!" Landing at our exclusive sites at the top of the Tasman Glacier. The terrain on the Tasman Glacier is suited for intermediate skiers, but the experience is about more than just the skiing. Murchison and Tasman Glaciers. Further interesting ski resorts. This video gives an overview of the day I experienced - the flight up the glacier, the ski-plane landing, the views at the top, inspections of crevasses and ice towers, a helicopter flight up to Hochstetter Dome, some of the skiing, and the return ski-plane flight. Hike on the Top of Tasman Glacier. Ski the Tasman is an adventure ski day on New Zealand's longest glacier, incorporating three scenic ski plane flights, lunch, and the two longest ski runs in NZ! Soon we were driving toward Mount Cook Village for a 4 day ski tour based out of the Kelman Hut. Another passenger on that historic day was Sir Edmund Hillary. The Kelman is located at the headwaters of the Tasman Glacier and at 2500m, it is one of the highest alpine huts in New Zealand. ! Get the latest Ski the Tasman snow report, snow fall totals, 10-day weather forecast, & webcams. New … Europe Austria Salzburg (Salzburger Land) Pinzgau. In 1972, the lake didn't exist. It is an unforgettable experience to view this glacier both from the air and on top of it, especially when the aircraft shuts down its engine, leaving you in the serene silence that this breathtaking beauty has to offer. Getting off the moraine wall of the Tasman can be a problem, so scope out the route from the bottom before skiing … We are feeling truly grateful to have experienced such a fantastic trip skiing on the Tasman Glacier. Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters: - Great for families and a good introduction to back country skiing. Skiing the Tasman Glacier. The Tasman Glacier is 23km long and the longest of the many glaciers we’re lucky to have in Aotearoa. If you're visiting New Zealand and into skiing, then one luxury to indulge in is skiing the Tasman Glacier, the longest river of ice in New Zealand's southern alps. Ski the Tasman Glacier with Mt. by Lois Rose [Links to JPEG images are embedded in the text, with size in Kbytes in square brackets.] Would not recommend for those with mobility issues. The terrain is … The glacier used to reach all the way to where the viewpoint is today. With 2 ski runs included in the Ski The Tasman package, Mount Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters will fly your ski party into the top of the Tasman Glacier. Ski The Tasman Glacier June and July Special! A combo of amazing weather, fabulous friends w 3 families in total, fresh snow & top guides made this an amazing day. tasman Glacier Ice Trek This is Alpine Guides' full day helihike, designed for the fitter or more adventurous traveller who wants to get close and personal to the mighty Tasman Glacier. As you fly in to 2200 metres (7200 ft.) aboard your ski plane, marvel at the rock and ice debris transform to glistening white. The next day the storm was reasonable (whiteout snowstorm, but not too windy), so we decided to ski over to the Tasman Saddle Hut and see what its cache of hut food looked like. These ski excursions typically operate during the winter and early spring. We will be there to provide the re-run before you enjoy lunch on the glacier and your final ski run exploring a new part of the Tasman Glacier. Kitzbühel/ Kirchberg – KitzSki . You can make your flight by helicopter too, but it’s right here on the Tasman glacier that ski planes were pioneered in the 1950s. Unless you don't want to believe your eyes anymore. Actually, there is. Test result : The Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s largest glacier and flows from the Southern Alps southeast to the Mackenzie Basin. The Tasman Glacier in the Mt Cook region offers some of the Southern Alps most spectacular powder and spring skiing, with incredible views of New Zealand’s highest mountains, and long glacier ski runs. It was a dream come true for Queenstown skier Sally Mingaye-Hall. Skiing the Tasman Glacier and other glaciers of New Zealand are truly unique experiences and more and more people are wanting to enjoy this world of breathtaking beauty. The hike to view the glacier is straight up, mostly on gravel stairs with no handrails. The helicopter ride is amazing in itself, however the long ski runs and location is … New Zealand’s Longest Glacier. Ski Touring on the Tasman Glacier. It has since diminished too far to be safely accessed. Europe Austria Tyrol (Tirol) Tiroler Unterland Kitzbühel (District) Kitzbühel. Cook Village, New Zealand, at Tripadvisor. Some guided tour operators offer ski excursions onto Tasman Glacier, giving you the chance to cut across the slopes on some of New Zealand’s most astonishing ski runs. Tasman Glacier has a long history of tourism, with heli skiing tours offered on the upper glacier since the early 1970s. The Haupapa/Tasman Glacier is the longest glacier in New Zealand, currently 23 kilometres (14.2 miles) long and up to 2 kilometres wide. Tasman Glacier trail is a short drive from the Mount Cook Village with ample parking available. Or check on prices, trail maps, gear rental, transport & more All packages for Tasman Glacier skiing include 2 amazing ski runs, 2 breathtaking scenic flights and a delectable picnic lunch surrounded by your snowy surroundings. The Turnbull Glacier is a hidden gem of the Mt Cook region, accessed from the upper Bonney, and a good challenging ski descent 900 vertical metres back down to the floor of the Tasman Glacier. It is also the longest official ski run in the Southern Hemisphere (not counting Antarctica) of about 8 – 10km, so the flight was long enough to enjoy the view. Mount Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters by Inflite: Ski Tasman glacier - See 349 traveler reviews, 293 candid photos, and great deals for Mt. We love the ski planes landing high up on the glacier. That’s easy - Tasman Glacier Ski Planes. A kilometer away there’s a nice alternative, the Tasman Saddle Hut. The snow falls high in the accumulation zone and is compacted over time and forced down the valley - … Carve your way down the 1000 metre descent on this one-of-a-kind ski slope the Tasman Glacier has to offer, navigating the 8 - 10 km run, not once, but twice. This is something you can’t do in too many places, land an aeroplane on a glacier! Address: Old Ball Hut Road, Mount Cook 7946, New Zealand. Ski the Tasman Glacier has wide-open and gentle slopes which make it perfect for skiers of intermediate level and up. Lying long and deep in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is the incredible Tasman Glacier, a terminal ice structure that is the biggest of its kind in New Zealand.. A Ski the Tasman odyssey should definitely be on your bucket list! An unforgettable flying and skiing adventure on the longest glacier in New Zealand. Owned by DOC, Tasman Saddle Hut is a favourite among the AC Guides, mostly because of the fantastic ski touring in the surrounding area. Gouging out Mt Cook's eastern flank, the Tasman and Murchison glaciers, and their adjoining catchments, offer exceptional ski touring and ski mountaineering, with a myriad of couloirs, bowls, peaks, ice falls and head-walls to explore. Even the most cheapskate budget traveller will occasionally want to splash out on something luxurious. Heli-hiking on the Tasman Glacier with Alpine Guides offers easy access to … Cook Village, New Zealand, at Tripadvisor. This magnificent glacier is the largest of several in the region that flows towards the Mackenzie Basin from the Southern Alps. This is without doubt one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have!! The Tasman Glacier terminates into a lake (Tasman Lake) which is currently 5km long and 240 metres deep and constantly expanding. The tributary Ball Glacier was also popular for skiing, with national championships being held there in the 1930s. The inimitable opportunity to go plane skiing on a glacier with two million years of history is an activity not to be missed. The first 17km of the glacier is up in the mountains and remains frozen solid due to the cold, high altitude air. The ski was then mechanically lowered during flight to allow landings on the snowfields of the Tasman Glacier. Harry Wigley piloted an Auster aircraft, the first Ski Plane using a retractable ski on 22 September 1955, with Alan McWhirter as passenger. It contains 1/3 of all the glacier ice in New Zealand! Tasman Glacier Skiing. (Lois Rose and Mike Redding joined the Pentagon Ski Club on a Blue Ridge Ski Council-sanctioned trip to New Zealand and Australia in July.Following is Lois' account of just one day on that 17 day trip. The Ice Trek combines the thrill of 2 scenic helicopter rides, plus a true exploratory journey on the hard ice of the Tasman. The plan was to do a ski tour on the Tasman Glacier after a wild trip up to the Liverpool Hut. It's literally right in front of you. Our plan was to spend our time snowboarding … Explore the immense beauty of the upper snowfield of the Haupapa/Tasman Glacier, this is where its 23-kilometre journey begins. Tasman Glacier Skiing with Southern Alps Guiding is now in its 26th year of operation and continues to deliver a professional high quality service. Ski The Tasman: Ski the Tasman Glacier with Charlie Hobbs - See 9 traveller reviews, 33 candid photos, and great deals for Mt. New Zealand's largest glacier, the Tasman Glacier, is shrinking. Skiing the Tasman Glacier with all-day views of New Zealand’s highest mountains needs to be on every skier's bucket list. The Tasman Glacier in the Mt Cook region offers some of the Southern Alps most spectacular powder and spring skiing. For 30 years she and her husband Steve had wanted to ski the Tasman Glacier, but … Tasman Saddle Hut sits atop a spectacular rock outcrop at the head of the Tasman Glacier in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. - Ski on two of New Zealand’s longest ski runs between 8 – 10kms long with a 1,000m descent. tasman Glacier Heli Hike Hike and explore the 'white ice' of New Zealand's longest glacier at Aoraki Mount Cook. ski resort Tasman Glacier . But skiing the Tasman Glacier nestled alongside Australasia's highest peak, Mount Cook, with ice as deep as 650 metres in places is also one of those things you must do before it dies. The Tasman Glacier is the largest glacier in New Zealand - by far.