e dissemination level eld can have, e deliverables must always contain an executive summary and conclusions. there are three distinct documents types envisaged: rim and nal progress reports and cost statements. What goes around comes around: the impact of personal conict style on. e overa working time monitoring of a person should be approved by his/her, superior. e DC sends the reports about the impact of the project to the PMO. Eective external communication adapted to the needs of each, stakeholder wi take place throughout the project’s life. EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020. e actors respon-. You need to take appropriate breaks after specific intervals while reading. Prentice, 5 Johnson, S.B. e coordination system introduced in this section concentrates on European, Commission H2020 coordination processes. 17 Aro et al (2008). Commun. agendas, minutes, technical contribu-, the development of the IECEU dissemination plan (focusing on external, the implementation and use of dened methods, means/tools, and devices, the coection of recording of dissemination by each partner every three, , by making sure they are taken up by deci-. deliverable, yer and product) needs to be adaptable, functional and logical. Project Management Methodologies. cial rules applicable to the general budget of the European Union (OJ L 298. in miniature (usuay one, to two pages). is chapter aims to answer the foowing question: How does project manage-, ment work in practice? Moreover, their responsibilities are dened in the proposal phase and are foowed during the, e chairman (CM) wi provide strategic management as the highest decision-, making and arbitration authority in the project. Learn how to deal with challenges and spot opportunities when managing projects. e main target group for internal communication is the consortium members, but, maintaining a good ow of information between the consortium and the funder/, ject management level. e code must be planned, in close coaboration with end users, stakeholders and/or developers and/or inno-. form v1, v2, v01, etc. types and their contents in innovation pro-, project: D3.2 Toolkit for Societal Impact, Project Management – A simple approach to. Good safety and security practices can reduce injuries and accidents, thus impro-, PMBOK proposes three processes that should be established parts of project safety, management: safety planning, the execution of safety and security management, and safety records. It might be relevant to dene the physical platforms where the data is stored and, analysed. key notes should be draed based on the key ndings of the conference. literatures and an application of extant theory. procurement instructions must be complied with in a procurements. e process of grant preparation and management in the. In an innovative project, the pro-. (1998). A critical look at this brave new world exhibits the overall challenge for RPM to become much more diffused and accepted. e coordinator must coordinate, and manage the grant and he/she wi be the central contact point for the EC. e approved consortium is invited by the European Commission (EC) to prepare, and sign a grant agreement, which is a standard contract, EC and the project coordinator. day life of the consortium, including administrative issues and tasks. The United States has a unique historical opportunity to use the power reaped from victory in Iraq to assist the countries of the Persian Gulf in organizing a web of multilateral arrangements that could reduce tensions and prevent future conflict. nancial statements. Research and inno-, vation actions clearly tackle dened chaenges, which can lead to the development. e consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied, Sciences (Finland) and consists of a diverse group of civilian, research and mili-, tary organisations reecting the variety within EU missions. scientic publications, online tools, integration for training, workshops, education programmes, conferences, exhibitions. Eective internal communication can be created from. ese aspects are, highly necessary in order to successfuy conduct a project. In inter-, national projects, the agreement is usuay made between the principal funder and. external and internal accountability mechanisms and management approaches. In the IECEU project, it was ensured that, the various components are integrated so that their eorts contribute to the overa, 36 PM4DEV (2007) Project Management Organizational Structures – project management for develop-, Eective coaboration requires central coordination, clear rules for communication. The book is also intended for current and e implementation of the project usuay starts with nalising the specic agree-, ments among funders and partners. importance of future technology of modular product family is predicted by GM (1, 1) model. The consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland). As a matter of fact, maers. Particularly tar-. It's possible for you to try many strategies to turn the pages of eBook to enhance your reading experience. ey dened two types of knowledge – tacit and explicit. Participant Portal is iustrated in Figure 10. the project coordinator. 30 (article 27), 455–482. Why do we need an EU data protection reform? It has three key features to distinguish it from other forms of management and they include: a project manager, the project team and the project management system. Suitable for students and professionals alike, Project Management 7e equips the reader with the tools essential for effective project management. e main target groups, remain the same, with the connections and coaborations further developed. consortium and the project board/work package leaders. (2015). Each researcher is responsible for performing the implementation of the, research by foowing the guidelines and research integrity (e.g. creating more eective missions and operations. e executive summary contains enough information for the readers, to become acquainted with the fu document without reading it. 1 The six phases of project management 2 Managing a project 3 Project reporting 4 The sales representative and the politician 5 Waterfall versus cyclical project management 6 DANS software-development working methods 7 Programme management Appendices 1. e gure presents the overa understanding of IECEU internal communication. Participants wi use electronic mail facilities to enable the distribution of docu-, ments by electronic means, thus reducing the delays associated with other methods. Various methods such as Hiller model, sensitivity analysis and simulations are described with hypothetical numerical examples to evaluate risk. the whole project. long-term peacebuilding in EU external actions. brochure or yer), information on the project (end user integration workshops, advisory mee-, e basic rule is agreed in the GA between the project consortium and the EC: the, visibility of EU funding needs to be ensured. As a driver of research exceence, ethics form an integral part. Together with the SC and the PC, the PMO also ensures the overa. recommended to foow the ongoing research and legal framework. e rst step is to identify and evaluate the potential, According to Binder (2007), the conict management process begins with the situa-, tion whereby two or more parties have a dierent viewpoint on the same topic, hin-. p. 278-290. in-depth feasibility projects and analysis upfront in order to create an appropriate, ment approach, detailed work breakdown structures, resource plans and delivery, timeline schedules wi be covered with the proposed methodology. Note that large aachments to emails should be zipped. is also means that the work, package implementation should be shared among partners to ensure cooperation. Project management: a cultural literary review. e, schedule of the project maps out the ow of work and creation of project delive-, rables. 54 CCIC (2008). This paper presents the results of a structured review of the rethinking project management (RPM) literature based on the classification and analysis of 74 contributions and in addition takes a critical look at this brave new world. IECEU activities aiming to facilitate good coordination include: members (sharing documents, online discussions, etc. e reasons for failure are wide and varied. e funder may require that a supply contract also be made for a other, e condition for granting a research permit and releasing information or material, is that the person conducting the research or writing the report commits to handling, the data in line with the legislation concerning the, ged to use the information or material in condence and solely for conducting the, research/writing the material in question, and to ensure the privacy and anonymity, of the persons studied. In order to organise successful dissemination, a partners of the consortium. Nevertheless, there exist some techniques that may help the readers to really have a nice and effective reading experience. 8 Cooke-Davies, T. (2002). Rethinking Project Management— An Organisational Perspective. nance POCs, administrative POCs, steering committee POCs), Meetings of consortium partners (steering commiee) are to be held in order to. Within the IECEU project. e key elements of project implementation presented in this chapter are: agree-. erefore, the coaboration agreements must not include any conditions that are, not in accordance with the funding conditions. 36, 10 Leybourne, S.A., (2007). e combination of selected CSA activities wi facilitate the natu-, Co-creative workshops and policy-level discussions, , which wi transfer tacit knowledge to exp-, : integration with relevant training, educa, : Each beneciary: respond to internal objectives and, : Dening the end user needs, key challenges and threats in, : PMO: overall situation picture, Each beneciary: time, : Introduction of the key ndings in order to support planning, : PMO: overall situation picture, Each beneciary: cost, : Quality Manager: overall situation and processes, Each, : External board and committee validations and assessments. e minutes or memorandums must list those present. IECEU is proposing new approaches and solutions to. e team consists of experts that have wide experience of the, Project sta monitors their working hours, tion management system. e project structure must be created so that it meets with the various project needs, during dierent phases. You can also use complimentary software that may provide the readers with many functions to the reader than simply a simple platform to read the desirable eBooks. 1. Project events require administrative support with, nistrative maers. into two: internal and external project communication. On the other hand, the educational. whole project. check progress, decide on further steps and supervise the management board (MB), especiay relating to deliverables, milestones and any changes that might occur, during the project. By using every one of these effective techniques, you can definitely boost your eBook reading experience to a great extent. secrets. out a step-by-step process guideline. and nancial resources are organised in a novel way, to undertake a unique scope of work, or given specication, within constraints of cost and time, so as to deliver benecial change, by quantitative and qualitative objectives.’. 52 OECD (2005). Book Description - ISBN 978-1-62620-958-9 (42 Pages) Organizations are increasingly using project management techniques within their operations and the specialist language of project management has become more and more commonplace in managerial and executive meetings. Methods of, communication include the details for answering who, what, when and how, IECEU also adheres to the project organisation structure in internal communication, protocols. organised. Ebookphp.com only do ebook promotions online and we does not distribute any free download of ebook on this site. Today, in most large and small project-based organizations, senior managers, especially project managers, face many challenges in terms of resource allocation. In the case of supra-national systems, the volume of research is more meagre, perhaps reflecting the relatively short history of economic integration and the generally incipient stage in the formation of economic blocs, except in the case of the European Union (EU). the relevant safety and security issues sha be considered in project management. e Participant Portal is a single gateway for a exchanges. e nal grant agreement should be prepared based on the pro-, posal selected for funding. The one inconsistent, I think, that requiring refinement is the project management processes. References contain complete bib-, liographic information, so the interested reader can nd them in a library, References are added either at the end of each document or at the end of the, Internal communication should be based on clear guidance to deliver informa-, tion, with use of selected tools and agreed templates, deliverables and master. produces world class science and technology that leads to economic growth. is PMH aims to be a fundamental working tool that people working, on projects can benet from. By using different techniques of page turn you can also enhance your eBook encounter. Eective, project communication ensures successful project working for the duration of the, whole project. The following is an overview of the problems encountered in the project management process in Iran. e responsible partner wi have a period of one week to undertake a necessary, improvements and changes in the document and prepare a pre-nal version to be, sent for review to partners selected by the project coordinator, deadline. This can help you to prevent the troubles that otherwise you may face while reading an eBook always. Euratom Research and Training Programme (2014-2018), Regulation (Euratom) No 1314/2013 of 16 December 2013 on the Research, and Training Programme of the European Atomic Energy Community, (2014-2018) complementing the Horizon 2020 – e Framework Programme, 2013 establishing the Specic Programme Implementing Horizon 2020 – e, Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) (OJ L 347, European Parliament and of the Council of 11 of December 2013 laying down, the rules for the participation and dissemination in Horizon 2020 – the, European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on the nan-. e main support activities are analyses and scientic, papers, policy papers, assessments and evaluations, and new concepts and metho-, dologies of eectiveness. Both need to be considered because avoidance measures may fail. It is important to read through the contract carefuy in order to identify. Moreover. Aer the data has been coected, data analysis techniques come into play, and may generate an increasing problem with privacy issues. e management strategy dened within the, project should aim to support the view that people need to get together to share, experiences, knowledge and build understanding. e project analyses and evaluates the missions’ and operations’ eectiveness in, three selected case study areas, where Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), activities are represented: the Balkans, Africa, and the Middle East/Asia. No measures for evaluating the success of the project 6. In the case of sub-national systems there is already a substantial body of writing on local systems of innovation which is used to draw inferences on viability. At the beginning and during each work package (WP), it is the responsibility of the, WP leader and the sub-WP leaders to conduct a risk assessment, ensuring that due, consideration has been given to a risks associated with the WP that is to be com-. Besides offering a place to save all your valuable eBooks, the eBook reader software even offer you a great number of features to be able to boost your eBook reading experience in relation to the standard paper books. A review of 770 journal articles and 93 books was conducted, extending four earlier project management literature reviews while focusing on culture within project management. e person conducting the research/writing the report is obli-, — Council Decision 2013/743/EU of 3 December, — Regulation (EC, Euratom) No 966/2012 of the, must be planned and implemented as part of administrative, (or memorandums) of the meetings are wrien and coected parts of admi-, is a separate team in the PMO that is responsible, (logistics, agenda, presentations and minutes). : who are the target groups of the IECEU? Since the dissemina-, tion activities are executed throughout the duration of the whole project, the ini-, tial dissemination strategy is to be revised and updated and sha be conducted in, such a way that benets the project until its completion, with successful results and, delivered products. Chapter 10 Project Scheduling: Lagging, Crashing, and Activity Networks 269 Chapter 11 Critical Chain Project Scheduling 318 Chapter 12 Resource Management 355 Chapter 13 Project Evaluation and Control 414 Chapter 14 Project Close-Out and Termination 455 e foowing list wi introduce. Who delivers the information in the project organisation? 1) Analysing the current situation of on-going and past European Union CSDP missions and operations The main aim of this chapter is to develop the concept of viability as a general theoretical framework for the assessment of systems of innovation, defined broadly, at three main levels of, Focusing on the shortage of dynamic evolutionary mechanism and systematic innovation methods of current product family, an innovative and evolutional method at the technical level of modular product family is put forward. of project administrative maers. 43 Raymond & Bergeron. Based on the received input, the WP leader, wi prepare the nal dra of the deliverable and wi circulate it to the relevant pro-, ject partners for feedback eight weeks before the deadline of the deliverable. e main categories in H2020 eligible costs are, unit costs, at-rate costs, direct personnel costs, direct costs for subcontrac-, with accounting for companies. In order to unders-, tand the whole process of ethical issues, a societal impact assessment (SIA) should, be launched before, during and aer the project implementation. To prevent such conicts from arising and ensure clear under-, standing of the actions in conict situations, the IECEU project has prepared a set of, procedures to be foowed if any conicts between consortia appear, tion can be seen as highly sensitive to cultural practices. impact assessment methodologies that have influenced this guide. Generally, you will observe the text of the eBook tends to be in moderate size. Rights can be organised under the corresponding basic values: dignity, selected fundamental requirements and human rights. Advances in. A back-, ground theory of project management shares several aspects that lead to successful, Without a project management method, a project actors wi have dierent ideas, about how things should be organised and when the dierent aspects of the project, wi be completed. Each phase further explains the tasks, and activities to be ensured by the coordinator. Also, a conict may lead to frustration and loss of eciency, menting a project, if the conict resolution is carried out successfuy, serve as a constructive mechanism or change. each and every project to guarantee reliability and eectiveness. e agreement/contract denes the general conditions for, costs to be eligible. • Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Management and Engineering (Industrial and Civil Engineering). e grant must be signed by the coordinator and each beneciary by the LSIGN, (legal signatory). A joint workspace (intranet) is an area on a webpage that is only accessible via pass-, word to the consortium members (or if appropriate, to other invited experts) that, serves as a communication platform and enables the consortium members to share, Successful implementation of the selected methods and tools requires good under-, standing of the technicalities of templates. e aim is to, see this deliverable reaching a wider audience, such as higher educa, project managers, people participating in project implementation, decision-makers, 1953 in the US defence and aerospace sector. Depending on the objectives, the relevant, bodies for this phase/process can be project consortium organisations, external end, users (e.g. Project management and document centralization are diverting large amounts of energy when working on collaborative projects with academic institutions, private enterprises and government organizations. have long been the focus of specic policy; legislation and management approaches intended, to maintain integrity and disinterested decision-making in government and public instituti-, maer of public concern worldwide. Project-related invoices, accounting, for the project must include the relevant target area number and, phase includes the overa coordination of the project pro-. IECEU is constructed from four separate actions: Since dissemination concerns the development of communication strategies for. tocols covering both project internal communication and external dissemination. cution and implementation are uent processes. e, e advisory board sha consist of potential recipients and end users of the informa-, tion, relevant EU agencies and institutions, and independent experts in the relevant, elds. In order to focus on how projects contribute to the strategic, goals of an organisation, a holistic, integrative view of project management provi-, des the most value. established in the project quality plan. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Assoc. Research conferences and journals wi aract, mainly research and academic communities, while thematicay related workshops/, conferences may be directed to end users and administration employees. You may also adjust the brightness of screen depending on the kind of system you are utilizing as there exists bunch of the approaches to adjust the brightness. e grant preparation phase enables agreement negotiations with the funder. According to the H2020 project manage-, ment guidelines, the European ag must be given appropriate prominence. A person gets an approval from, his/her principal. e external communication/dissemination management of the. is view should also include the process of selecting projects, that can provide the best support for a particular organisation’s strategy, model created by Mike Be includes ve key elements: scope, inputs, project, risks, and outputs. The use of project management to accomplish the many and diverse aims of society’s varied organizations continues to grow. 2) Learning from lessons provided by these CSDP missions and assessing the different options Project Management Project management is a methodical approach to planning and guiding project processes from start to finish. In the IECEU project, we prefer the use of a, the dissemination phase, dierent target groups may be addressed by dierent dis-, semination activities and material. • Put the Logic Model in the context of Project Management • Define a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and list the steps to create one • Explain why the WBS is the foundation of a project • Use the Logic Model and WBS Templates in a real-life situation 7. A conict may be diverse, regarding. a harmful impact on project implementation in terms of eciency and eectiveness. critical. Well-functioning innovation systems are regarded as central to the prospects of African development. Meredith and Mantel have drawn from personal experiences in the workplace to develop a text that teaches the reader how to build upon skills necessary for selecting, initiating, operating, and controlling all types of projects.. e success of a project relies on the implementation of an ecient, management structure and adequate operative procedures capable of addressing, the chaenges normay encountered in such large cooperation and coaboration, In the coordination and support of projects, cooperation is one of the values and, it also guides project structure planning. e, PC monitors, requests and reviews documents, submit deliverables and reports, and, ensures the payments are successfuy completed. You can even save all your eBooks in the library that's also supplied to the user by the software program and have a superb display of all your eBooks as well as get them by identifying them from their unique cover. e subject of a, project emails should begin with ‘[IECEU]:’ to aow users to lter emails using email, (e.g. responsibility than members/partners located lower down. Inf. e use of change management processes, dissemination strategy. IECEU examples of work package quality indicators, IECEU examples of deliverables quality indicators, Example of IECEU technology quality indicator, the reporting templates and deadlines to the partner admin, The receivers related to the issue (e.g. Societal Impact Expert W. 50 Executive Oce of the President (2014), Big data: seizing opportunities, preserving values. is is generay foowed by the, mic publishing which has been used as a source for theory or claims refer-, red to, which are used in the document. e ocial project templates are to be, used for creating and presenting a documents for the EC (deliverables, progress, reports, etc.). and techniques towards the social and behavioural aspects of the management of. e top of the organisation pyramid has more authority and. In project implementation, the establishment of an ethics commiee is highly, recommended, so that external members can analyse, review and approve ethical. (2013) e Secret of Apoo: Systems Management in American and European Space. In the IECEU project, these aspects are mainly managed as part of project, management tasks. 2020. It's proposed to read the eBook with big text. Syst. e selection of we-proven project management, tools supports project success and oers continuous control over the project. e consortium agreement should be signed before the grant agreement.’, pany states in an email that they wi participate in the project. Usuay the dissemination plan constitutes ve main aspects of the dissemination, process, namely WHAT wi be disseminated, WHO wi disseminate it, TO WHOM, wi it be disseminated, HOW wi it be disseminated and WHY wi it be dissemi-, nated. Berzisa, S., Vangelski, L. Zorc, A., Vitols, Introduction to Managing Conict of Interest. support the link between tacit and explicit knowledge; ese knowledge management areas can be implemented at a levels: project, ledge management, we have tested the application of project management body of, knowledge to the IECEU project implementation. amework enabling multi-sector dependencies management, an Early Warning System; an ECHO federation of cyber ranges, cyberskills framework, cybersecurity certification scheme, and ECHO governance model. Lesser the movement you need to make while reading the eBook better is going to be your reading experience. e purpose of the conceptual framework phase is to develop, an informed framework that provides an initial understanding and explanation of, the issue, problem or phenomenon that is the focus of the theory, How can we implement knowledge creation and management theories in, e knowledge theory introduced in this chapter is lacking the strong components, on how the theory should be transferred into practice. and making projects successful. project. e work plan should include planning for work to be conducted, and the deve-, lopment of deliverable development plans. p.5. e activities in a CSA project vary, and they can include desk-based studies, eld studies, active data coection, orga-, nising panel discussions, presentations, end user events, dissemination, gathering, and analysing needs and feedback, providing publications, making research studies, more available for public audiences, and utilising and exploiting relevant data for. Since wrien text in PMH was also designed, to reach a wider public audience than only those among the IECEU Consortium, this, handbook aims to support and help managers and project teams to the successful. In order to successfuy run a multi-stakeholder project, the existence of a perma-, nent project management oce (PMO) is necessary, project coordinator (PC) and her/his sta, together with the SC and PAT, issues regarding (1) quality and risk opportunities management and (2) nancial and. In the gure next page, the know-, ledge management areas are represented by a couple of examples at the operationa-, management (PMs, travels and other costs), Each beneciary: dening, updating risks and risk mitigation plans, beneciary: subcontracting procurement processes, Risk management aims to reduce the risk areas in the project life cycle. In the IECEU, w, ve dierent end user groups, which are: political decision-makers, international. the nancial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union (OJ L 298, e term inteectual property rights (IPR(s)), tions and other statutory rights in inventions; copyrights (including without limi-, tation soware copyrights); registered design ri, other similar or equivalent forms of statutory protection, wherever in the world they, arise or are available, but excluding rights to condential information and/or trade. conceptual framework and/or research themes are concerned. the implementation plan for each work package. According to Prince2 Project Management methodology, ject failures are a too common. is conceptual framework of project management applies to a orga-, into account. This project management guide provides an introduction to the techniques of project management. project coordination with the aim of meeting the project schedule and objectives. Project Management by Adrienne Watt is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. is is done by rst seing the context and, background theory from previous years, and then dening the current practices of, project implementation in the IECEU project. This will help make reading easier. the voluntary pool foreseen by decision No. The second involves the alignment of certain aspects of the management of projects with more established theoretical domains. e work package leader wi also, ensure that a steps of the work package development are fuy documented accor-, e deliverables must be created according to the project work scope. dening the risks and risk mitigation measures: important role in terms of the risk mitigation of security concerns, data protection, issues and ethics issues. is the knowledge that can be wrien down and transferred from one person to the, experience. e PSO wi be appointed in the rst SC meeting at the beginning of the project. Progress reports are prepared, by WP leaders and dene the progress of WPs, including the updated risks and risk, they summarise the status of project work, use of resources, highlights and possible. Our site is not the same as ebookee. Project Management has become a core competency, and nearly every manager is, involved in managing one or more projects. Eective risk management provides a beer basis for decision-making at, strategic, tactical and operational levels when it builds logical, systematic and trans-, parent auditable processes. However, they have been described in the continent as fragile, fragmented and largely dysfunctional. ), at an early stage of the project. Resorting to the guidance on ethics is recommended, as this provi-, des practical examples of concrete steps to be taken for resolving conict of interest. Key agree-, ments must be to be agreed and signed by a funding body, possibly other relevant actors/stakeholders (e.g. These tips will help you not only to prevent certain hazards which you may face while reading eBook consistently but also ease you to enjoy the reading experience with great comfort. This paper sets out a structured methodology for conducting a societal impact assessment (SIA) of security research and security An, executive summary is a report, proposal or portfolio, etc. a new conceptual framework. measure implementation. The best alternative to overcome this serious problem would be to reduce the brightness of the screens of eBook by making specific changes in the settings. Project communication can be divided. In order to successfuy share the. An executive summary diers from an abstract in that, the former’s purpose is to inform the reader of the points to be covered in the report, without any aempt to te what is said about them. develop any technology as primary or secondary products during the project (tools, In the IECEU project, quality assurance reviews are conducted with the use of an, online application. ... Icons made by Flat Icons from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY, The IECEU (Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention) is project aiming to enhance the conflict prevention capabilities. Some project issues must be handled through bilateral meetings either in person or, via selected devices (e.g. As the project. a combination of selected methods and tools to be used in project implementation. Thank you for reading. Wrong team members 4. may oen bring benets to individuals and society, information relating to an individual, whether it concerns his or her private, profes-, sional or public life. This paper argues that project management may be seen from different perspectives. By seing the, practical guidance and clear gures for project management, the PMH can increase, the eciency and quality of project management, not only in this IECEU project, but, standing of successful project management and project implementation. during the implementation of the IECEU project. Programs. Inability to manage change Low-opportunity cost time during break weeks may induce (1) lower quality ideas to be developed (a selection effect); (2) more effort to be applied for any given idea quality (an effort effect); and (3) an increase in the use of teams because scheduling is less constrained (a coordination effect). Once the deliverable development plan is conrmed by the project coordinator, project partners wi focus on providing appropriate content to the partner respon-, sible for the corresponding deliverable. ey can, be based on the dierences of expectations, visions, opinions, intentions or inter-, In practice, a conict may appear among stakeholders sharing the same country, culture (intra-country), or among stakeholders from dierent countries with dif-, ferent cultural background (inter-country). e value ‘Final’ denotes that the version of the docu-, the document distribution is reported. It starts from project definitions and ends with goal achievement. is means that the projects aim to develop activities, pro-, vide recommendations and lead towards change. dering or improving the project performance . The download link provided above is randomly linked to our ebook promotions or third-party advertisements and not to download the ebook that we reviewed.