This eight page paper considers the attractiveness of South Africa as a destination for foreign direct investment. There are eight bibliographic sources listed. The analysis is based purely on the analysis of the share price and not other factors are taken into account. Nine sources are listed in the bibliography. The insurance industry relies on statistics to assess risk and help with the setting of insurance premiums. Several creative examples are provided. Bibliography lists 7 sources. There are 5 sources listed in the bibliography of this 5-page paper. Commentary. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. In five pages these five investment possibilities are assessed for the investor with $100,000 along with positive and negative features of each and a presentation of recommendations includes. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography. Five sources are cited in the bibliography. The writer starts by looking at the potential for the Chinese currency to become a dominant international currency used by central banks reserves. The paper uses the UK and Europe as illustrative examples. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography of this twelve page paper. Following this the impact that oil price changes can have on the rest of the economy is discussed along with the presentation of policy recommendations for government. There are many risks, one of which is exchange rate risk. In particular, the Industrial Revolution is chosen as the single most important factor in development. This paper is written in three parts, the first assesses how value based costing approaches can provide advantages. This 6 page paper looks at the welfare benefits that are available to asylum seekers and refugees in the United Kingdom and how these have changed since the 1990’s limiting the rights and potential benefits that can be claimed by asylum seekers. Bibliography lists 3 sources. There are 5 sources listed in the bibliography of this 3-page paper. The bibliography cites 34 sources. Personal finance is about more than just spending less than you earn and staying out of debt. In ten pages Charter One Bank and Bank of America are examined in a comparative analysis that considers their focal points and differing market positions with such issues as regulation, profitability, and liquidity discussed. Fifteen sources are cited in the bibliography. The bibliography cites 6 sources. Looking at potential measures for each of the dimensions, the way it may be used and the potential inclusion in an incentive scheme for the bank executives. Three sources are cited in this ten page paper. This paper consists of four pages, and one source is listed in the bibliography. The first part looks at the concept of perfect competition, also referred to a pure competition, defines what it is and the market conditions needed for it to emerge, the way a firm will determine the quantity to supply and what is meant by the term 'normal profit'. The paper is seven pages in length. Finance Dissertation Topics - FREE and excellent Finance & Accounting dissertation topics for your Masters or Bachelor degree proposal and dissertation. This 13 page paper, including a 1 page executive summary, looks at the way in which ethics will impact on corporate governance and financial management. The first part of the paper looks at purchase power parity theory and portfolio balance model, explaining what they are and the way they may help to explain exchange-rate movements. Provides an overview of a proposed paper centering around how blockchain technology can be used in the financial and banking industry. Personal finance education is the cornerstone to living a happy, healthy and successful life. The first, and largest part of the paper part looks at the overall economic performance and international trade patterns for Bangladesh. Bibliography lists 1 source. The paper goes on to examine the development of the investment environment within Russia in order to determine the types of investors which at present within the market to facilitate the application of margin trading theories to this developing market. Are Payday Loans Legalized Loan-Sharking? Included in the paper is a discussion of the ways that hedge funds differ from any other investment type and how this may be utilised. In eleven pages and two parts this paper answers monetary policy economic questions. Three pages, six sources. In 12 pages this comprehensive overview on gas arc metal welding (also known as MIG welding) includes definitions of the process, history, equipment, procedures, advantages and disadvantages, problems and solutions, helpful hints, recent developments, and the future of GMAW is also considered with an examination of the merits of tandem GMAW. ibliography lists 3 sources. Five sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper. The proposal includes the aims and objectives, a brief literary review, methodology, required resources and a short research plan. Five sources are cited in this seven page paper. The paper includes discussions on forward contracts, futures, options and swaps. Two sources are listed in the bibliography. Using the example of a fast food restaurant in Russia the writer presents some financial forecasts and a budget, and assesses strategies to reduce risk from exchange rate movements as well as looking at potential sources of financing. In six pages the reasons for money demand are considered in terms of motivation and through an examination of money as not a flow item but rather as a stock that is influenced by demand. In twelve pages derivative markets are defined and then examined in terms of various types such as credit linked notes, credit default and return swaps, implications, and the International Monetary Fund's role. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. In six pages this paper assesses the value added tax's pros and cons in this flat tax proposal overview. This paper has seven sources listed in the bibliography. The writer examines the approach adopted towards corporate governance in New Zealand and then looks at the way the United States and the United Kingdom are dealing with these issues to determine if there are any transferable lessons for New Zealand. A 4 page paper identifying internal control activities and discussing how the concepts of internal control affect the development GAAP accounting standards and how GAAP accounting standards affect the internal controls implemented. China has an increasing level of involvement in the world economy and has benefited from a significant increase in the level of inward foreign direct investment; the writer assesses the extent to which FDI has been important in the Chinese economic development looking at the benefits that FDI may help a country to realize and the way in which China has managed its’ own development. This 12 page paper gives an in-depth overview of Islamic banking. All examples of topics, summaries were provided by straight-A students. The paper is written in 4 parts answering questions set by the student. This 10 page paper considers different influences which will impact on the effectiveness of an internal audit in the public sector; factors discussed include the general accounting system in the public sector, internal controls, relationship with external audit, relationship with management and management support, regulations and standards, the qualifications and expertise of auditors, the way audit recommendations are implemented and the audit committee. Five sources are citd in the bibliography. There have been different reactions by investors located in Europe and the US following the announcement of a banks attention to make an acquisition. The writer answers two questions set by the student, the first looks at how elasticity is calculated and how it can be used to assess the impact that a price change will have ion the demand for a product, The second questions explains the way price is determined by supply and demand and how changes to other of these will impact on price. In five pages PepsiCo's capital structure is examined in terms of weighted average cost of capital and the various types of weights are considered with market values weights recommended. A 6 page paper discussing the need to limit working capital. This five-page paper is preparatory work for a study into the performance of steel the industry in the United States, focusing on three steel companies; The United States Steel Corporation, China Precision Steel Inc. and Acrelor Mittal. The index proved to be highly useful and popular, however, and The Economist has published an updated version every year since its 1986 debut. The writer looks at the potential problems or risks that may face an American firm looking at financing commercial transactions with companies located in Bangladesh. The bibliography cites 1 source. Six sources are listed in the bibliography. Other issues discussed are different MasterCard and Visa costs and a virtual bank costs. This 22 page paper looks at the banks and banking system of the US and Saudi Arabia, to examine the similarities and the differences. The bibliography cites 1 source. After a section on methodology primary research using questionnaires is then simulated; assessing the perspective of internet banking using a sample made up of customers of the HBSC subsidiary; First Direct. This 6 page paper looks at hedging funds. In three pages the benefits of a value added tax to U.S. corporations are discussed along with the merits of the country's current taxation of corporate income approach. This 10 page paper discusses the ways in which the role of the traditional bank is changing, and in particular, the fact that banks now need to provide Internet banking services. The two attitudes are compared contrasted. Here are some of the finance research proposal example topics for you to check out! In thirty pages this paper examines the importance of brokerage firms in a consideration of how banks are no longer the only 'financial game in town' in a consideration of such issues as the effects of the Internet, competition, deregulation, pricing, and banking industry products. The bibliography cites 6 sources. The paper then looks at what impact a change may have on market share and assesses the level of the cost of capital against the industry and competition. Mergers and acquisitions are still underway in the 21st century, though sharply declining from the madness of the 1990s. Five sources are cited in the bibliography of this six page paper. Five sources are cited in the bibliography. This 4 page paper looks at issues of economics and nursing. In fifteen pages Harley Davidson is featured in a consideration of international financing and topics including international banking, purchasing power parity and interest parity, balance of payment, domestic and global financial management differences, and financial management's role in a multinational company are discussed. The last part of the paper discusses some of the problems and potential problems with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography this fifteen page paper. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography this ten page paper. The paper looks at the number of shares offered, the share price, the use of funds raised, the reaction of the market and the impact on control of the company. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. Dividend Policy and Firm Characteristics. Either you are an undergraduate student, doing your MBA, or about to start your PhD; following finance dissertation topics examples can help you to make your own dissertation topic on finance. Following deregulatory policies since World War 2, the economic impacts are judged. Three NPV calculations as well as calculations to assess the relevant figures are presented to assess the three options that are available for Guillermo Furniture; the high tech option, the broker option and to carry on with the current strategy. Discusses the concept of Big Data, and how it is being used in by banks and other financial institutions. All calculation are explained and shown. Get insights on Personal Finance with the latest research & news from MDLinx. All calculations are shown and fully explained. . Risk needs to be managed in both private and the public sector organizations. The writer then looks at some activity ratios, assessing how an increase in activity may be reflected in an apparent decreased performance when measured by a ratio. In eighteen pages the Singapore tiger economy is examined in terms of the effects of the 2 recessions of the 1980s and 1990s. The movements in the stock market are discussed, along with the potential risk associated with this particular stock market and a consideration regarding the benefits of US investors using the London stock market. Friedman: “The World Is Flat” (Sort of). The proposal utilizes the case of Zambia as subject matter, and presents an in-depth examination of the problems faced in the universal healthcare system is under-funded and reliant on donations from foreign governments. Six sources are cited in the bibliography of this four page paper. This 5 page paper examines the idea of responsibility accounting looking at the underlying concepts, the use of responsibility centres and the associated advantages and disadvantages of the responsibility accounting system. Before choosing any finance dissertation topic, you must consider few things: So, here are some interesting finance dissertation topics for writing a great finance dissertation which can help you to grab the highest marks. This 5 page paper looks at the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards in Australia, known as the A-IFRS. This 8 page paper looks at 3 different aspects of financial management; the similarities in financial accounting between domestic and multinational companies; the differences in financial management between these two company types and the last part of the part examined the methods that may be used to deal with the difficulties faced by international companies when undertaking capital budgeting exercises. This paper addresses two related topics. The bibliography cites 6 sources. The status of hydrogen fuel cells in 2008 is promising for the future, but they cannot yet provide less dependence on carbon because of the consumption required to produce hydrogen fuel. 4 pages. Discusses the economics of buying a house. In four pages these 2 taxation systems are discussed with their corporate and individual taxation impacts assessed along with an explanation of the flat tax also included. The fast food industry faced challenges in 2006 – 2008, the financial performance of McDOnalds overt this period is compared with Burger King and Yum Brands, the owner of Pizza Hut and KFC. Focuses on the concept of working capital management, what it is, and what companies use it more effectively. Three sources are cited in the bibliography this three page paper. Absolutely FREE essays on Personal finance. In 2009 the banks are suffering as a result of the credit crunch. The Toulmin method is used to present the arguments. Sixteen sources are cited in this twenty-three page paper. The bibliography cites 5 sources. This 6 page paper examines the potential of international accounting standards considering the advantages and disadvantages of harmonisation and the specific challenges and barriers that exist preventing the US from adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The paper looks at accruals accounting first, considering its use in the public and private sector, before looking at historical costs and the alternative use of fair market value. Order Now. In eight pages this paper discusses the 1929 stock market crash in a consideration of the Great Depression, its causes and its impact. The accounting and finance industry may not appear to be involved, but terrorists require funds. The bibliography cites 8 sources. Nineteen sources are cited in the bibliography. There is the inclusion of a graph. The third part of the paper examines different influences on the premiums gained on the sale of call options. This 5 page paper discusses Hunt's book and provides an overview of basic cost accounting procedures and considers the importance of cost accounting to corporate decision making. In twelve pages this paper on personal finance compares and contrasts decreasing term insurance ans whole life insurance policy types. The bibliography cites 2 sources. Other models considered include models with their origins in mean variance theory leading to CAPM, efficient market hypothesis and the Warren Buffet method. The writer looks at the background of the organization, starting with its founding. Ten sources are listed in the bibliography. The Performance of the Economy in Brazil during the 2008/9 Global Recession and Impact on the Retail Industry, Time Warp 2 - Results and Plans for Time Warp 3, How Growth is Promoted by Increasing Minimum Wage, UK Standard Setting and Accounting Standards, International Accounting Standards Implementation Benefits and Costs, Definition and Manifestation of Inflation, Low Unemployment and the Objectives of Macroeconomics, Bank of England, Inflation, Unemployment, and the Rational Expectations Theory, Definitions of Inflation and Unemployment, The Influence of Unemployment on the US Economy. There are 3 sources listed in the bibliography of this 3-page paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources. It is increasingly recognized that school age children should be taught financial management skills. The concepts used are those of decision making and collective responsibility and the aspect of executive earnings and self interest. The bibliography cites 17 sources. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Efficiency Wages, Comparison of British and Libyan Corporate Governance, Assessment of the Options for Guillermo Furniture Using Net Present Value, The Importance of FDI to Economic Development in China, The Concept and Tools of Corporate Finance, The Management Of Working Capital And The Strategic Potential, Market Regulation under the Saudi Arabia Capital Market Authority and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, The Regulatory Framework for Internet Banking in the United States, Improving Corporate Governance and Supervision in New Zealand, PURCHASING A HOUSE: A DECISION IN ECONOMICS, Creating Sustainability in Developing Countries Healthcare Provisions - a Proposal for Research, McDonalds and the Use of Activity Based Costing, Creating Financial Sustainability Poor Nations, Economics and Political Influences in Sport, A Comparison of Supply and Demand Factors between the Healthcare Sector and Other Commercial Sectors, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return As Investment Assessment Tools, Vanguard Case Study - Exchange Rate Exposure, Processes in Operating and Capital Budgeting, The Economy of India - Developments between 2000 and 2011, Making A Business Case with the Support of Spreadsheet Data and Graphs, Capital Raising in an Entrepreneurial Business, CREDIT COLLECTIONS, MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS. This 14 page paper examined the acquisition of Wella by proctor and Gamble. In seven pages this paper discusses how greater organizational value can be achieved through internal auditing's use of technology. Five source are listed in the bibliography. In five pages this paper examines three student posed questions pertaining to issues of supply and demand. This 5 page paper answers questions concerning the way account takes place. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography. The third part of the paper considers the ways in which it is better than the use of financial measures only. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography. Google chose to use a Dutch auction for its IPO in 2004; Morningstar also used the Dutch auction in 2005. eBay has announced that it will spin off Skype and conduct its IPO in the first half of 2010; the paper discusses whether eBay should consider the Dutch auction for Skype, concluding that the Dutch auction may be appropriate. This 5 page paper looks at the reasons why derivatives are seen as a contributory factor, examining the way that the derivatives market operates. This 20 page paper examines the development of the Cayman economy and the role of tourism as well as financial services and then applies economic theories to explain the development and interaction of the various policies that have resulted in such strong growth for the area. The first section of the paper identifies tools which may be used to reduce different types of Federal tax in the US, looking at income tax, capital gains tax and estate tax. Finance Dissertation Topics Examples List. In five pages these three areas are examined in terms of how each regulates, structures, and develops mutual funds with market sizes also compared. This 17 page paper examines the 1969 Truth in Lending Act, which is Title I of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The bibliography cites 10 sources. In five pages these 2 economic aspects and how they factor into a complex accounting equation are examined. The banking system is compared to developed western systems and Africa. A company is considering taking a loan in a foreign currency, the repayments are calculated and a comparison made with a home currency loan. The paper explains what they are, what give rise to derivative markets, gives examples of derivatives and the way they reduce or transfer risk, what they do with that risk, and the benefits and problems associated with derivatives. What impacts do exchange rate movements have on household spending and their impact on the economy? This 14 page paper discusses the statement "As an organisation we pay a lot of money on insurance. In five pages this paper considers ethics and accounting in a discussion of Certified Public Accountants and issues involving client tax preparations with the Professional Code of Conduct for Accountants also examined. The paper starts by looking at constraints within internal control systems, then looks at the way procedures to support controls may be out into place, identified indicators that there are weak controls and discusses the potential complications a missing accounts entry. In sixteen pages this paper examines 4 possible dissertation approaches regarding UK and an Arab nation's accounting issues with subjects including two areas of environmental accounting, terrorism and accounting, international accounting standards' impact on 2 regions, cartels and trade organizations' profit impact. This paper provides an overview of the problems in assessing cash flow issues for one small company, called Perform, Inc. this paper provides an overview of the factors influencing their debt management and their cash flow issues. In six pages this paper discusses how personal finance has been affected by technology and computers. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography of this ten page paper. This 30 page paper considers whether or not pure play internet banks are able to create value. The first part looks at the way a stock price was analysed with the use of past prices only and regression analysis. One of the most important considerations for a company undergoing reorganization is what the tax laws say. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography. The bibliography cites 5 sources. The writer shows how the probability for a particular outcome for an investment may be calculated when the mean return and standard deviation are provided. The data, along with consideration of the different accounting approaches, are then used to assess which of the funds appears to be most secure. This paper begins with a discussion of Sociologist Edwin Sutherland's thoughts on 'White collar crimes". Bibliography lists 6 sources. In five pages environmental accounting is examined in an assessment of the statement that positive environmental accounting explains financial account disclosure greening. It also examines the acquisition of the Mexican bank Banamex by Citigroup in 2001. Sixteen sources are cited in this twenty page paper. Three answers are supplied for questions asked by the student. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. The real estate market for commercial property in Scotland is then considered, looking at industry in Aberdeen, Offices in Edinburgh and offices and retail space in Glasgow. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography. 3 pages and 1 source. The bibliography cites 4 sources. The general investment approaches of passive, active and post modern portfolio manager are considered along with their viability for a property fund manager. The last part of the paper reviews an article on Balanced Scorecards. The paper discusses the movement in prices and considers the different economic factors that may have been impacting on the way supply and demand of housing was taking place and reflected in the housing process. The writer looks at the different influences and policy drivers to assess the degree to which government financial policies and the pursuit of the budget reduction may have facilitated the double dip recession. This 82 page paper looks at the role of training and development and the impact that it can have on staff. In eighteen pages this paper presents a definition of taxable supply, considers when goods and service taxes must be paid, supply and its meaning, monetary and nonmonetary factors as each relates to the tax law of Australia. This paper provides an overview of the employment situation, unemployment rates and the economics of the state of California in 2002. The paper is six pages long and there are four sources listed in the bibliography. The paper defines hedge funds and discusses the potential benefits for both fund managers and investors that may result from the correct use of his investment vehicle. This 7 page paper looks at the argument that governmental economic policies have the main objective of promoting sustained economic growth. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography. One source is cited in the bibliography of this three page paper. In five pages this paper examines the theory of human capital and how it applies to university student scheming for student loans. The fist part of the paper discusses the role and problems associated with hedge funds, the second part of the paper considers the regulation of the market. It is generally agreed that poor nations have trouble in maintaining a financially sustainable healthcare system, and the by low levels of taxation in general poverty. The bibliography cites 4 sources. The first part of the paper discusses the factors which may help to influence economic prosperity such as low interest rates economic stability and an educated workforce, the second part of the paper looks at the factors which may be associated with decline, such as unemployment, inflation and poor social conditions. In fifteen pages this paper discusses anticipating inflation advantages in a macroeconomic consideration of Brazil and the U.S. with such issues as unemployment, supply side shock panics, and inflation rate controlling. This 3 page paper focuses on problems in 2009 and what caused them. This 3-page paper answers questions about credit terms, mergers and acquisitions. In five pages a research report that considers the link between risk assessment tools usage, assessment returns, and medium sized companies' equity are considered with mock results used illustrate how they would be presented. This 4 page paper looks at different aspects concerning the time vlaue of money. The paper then presents a methodology and some fictitious results to a survey of customers using the UK bank First Direct to assess the value the bank creates. Six sources are cited in the bibliography. The last part of the paper examines the way that accounting may be used by business in order to produce positive results, such as increasing office. The second part of the paper the paper presents information on the business environment from the prospective of a business person in the country. The author focuses on issues occurring in Australia, but the argument can apply wherever deregulated financial services exist. The paper presents a full dissertation style paper, with an introduction and objectives followed by an in-depth literature review. Three sources are cited in the bibliography of this twelve page paper. The bibliography cites 10 sources. The credit crunch and global recession which started ion 2008 has seen many governments reconsider the way that cooperate governance and supervision takes place in their markets. Five sources are cited in the bibliography. In twenty three pages this paper assesses the hedging tool suitability of gold to combat contemporary inflation with gold prices, the gold standard, and the Bretton Woods agreement among the topics of discussion. The bibliography cites 4 sources. Then, availing our service would be the best decision of yours. This 6 page paper examines hedging funds and the insurance market. In ten pages this paper discusses the importance of information sharing on the WWW in the construction industry in this risk management overview. Three sources are listed in the bibliography. Eight sources are listed in the bibliography. In twenty pages open and close ended types of mutual investment funds are contrasted and compared in terms of their similarities and differences. The first claim is that more money does not solve financial problems and the second claim is that there are negative effects of raising the minimum wage. Income and financial statements are examined in this Buckeye Partners' financial analysis consisting of three pages. Discusses the impact of government-sanctioned price ceilings on Sri Lankan rice. There is one source cited in the bibliography. In seven pages this paper discusses the politics of Hawaii in a consideration of the cultural and economic issues that affect the natives of the state. Answering five questions on how a German bank can adapt to changing a US economy and policies are the focus of this six page paper that includes management of new corporate governance SEC rules and other corporate lending deductions and also advocates banks increasing other revenues while reducing costs at the same time. Because the whole process is so lengthy, selecting the right finance dissertation ideas becomes the most important task to do. This 25 page paper looks at different ways in which investments may be appraised, with special attention paid to risk free investors. This 5 page paper discusses the difference between financial and managerial accounting and the types of reports prepared by financial and managerial accountants; the types of business decisions that might be made using the two types of accounting; and it outlines the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) ethical standards and describes what sort of actions might constitute violations of these standards in the healthcare setting. Eight sources are cited in this eight page paper. This 6 page paper critically examines this notion. The writer undertakes a financial analysis of this firm, documenting this growth by looking at the years 2004 to 2009. Five sources are cited in the bibliography. Capital may be accessed from a number of sources. The second part of the paper looks at what it meant by hard equity and why it is different to brand equity. The writer presents a methodology utilizing an in-depth literature review followed by qualitative and quantitative primary research. Finance research proposal topic suggestions: Relationship between corporate image and mobile phone advertising in the field of finance. In eight pages this paper assesses whether or not economic growth is responsible for poverty reduction or if it is when poverty is reduced that economic growth is stimulated. How to handle the fiancés of an organization when it is a start-up. This 12 page paper looks at the economy of the UK between 2004 and 2009 and compares Scotland to the UK as a whole. Also included is a discussion about fintech. In six pages this paper examines globalization and its impact on Third World economies such as Ghana. The first part examines the performance of the US economy between the years of 2000 and 2003, looking at annual figures for the GDP, real GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, interest rates and M1 growth. Six sources are cited in the bibliography this eight page paper. This covers topics such as the capacity of people to make decisions on personal finance, as well as work on the access that people have to financial institutions. Three sources are cited in the bibliography this four page paper. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Or Maybe It’s Spiky. The writer considers the research methodologies and then designs a proposal based on this information. The paper starts with an introduction and discusses why and how this research is valuable. Paper uses twenty sources. You need a balance of insurance to protect your assets, investments to prepare for retirement, and a plan to take care of your loved ones when you pass away. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. These results are then used to make plans to better the performance in the third time warp. The second part of the paper looks at the swap network which takes place between central banks and discusses how the failure of a major commercial bank could result in a swap crisis. Finance is mainly divided into three sections personal, corporate, and public finance. The discussion includes how and why the advantages and disadvantages occur. 40 Novel Economics Dissertation Topics & Ideas For... Get your assignment queries resolved.Chat with our Agent. The paper starts by explaining the difference between long and short hedging, the use of circuit breakers, whether investors will want to buy or sell Treasury Bond Futures if interest rates will raise, index arbitrage, and when options and futures will be bought and sold. Four sources are listed in the bibliography. The role and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Chairman are in the second answer. The bibliography cites 16 sources. This 4 page paper considers the potential strengths and weaknesses of a developing country using a tourism strategy to increase revenue. Five sources are cited in the bibliography. The bibliography cites 5 sources. In eighteen pages this tutorial provides a sample summary and economic theory analysis of 6 articles dealing with poverty as it pertains to senior citizens. With our finance dissertation ideas, you get the guarantee that your grades will significantly improve. Eight sources are listed in the bibliography. A 3 page paper discussing the operation and ethics of payday loan companies. The writer then undertakes an assessment of micro-financing strategies in Jordan then examined in order to identify transferable lessons. The first answer identifies how budgeting and performance reports can help with decision making. This 10 page paper looks at a music company that is going to invest in one of three albums. In three pages credit cards and their 4 types are examined with a comparison of 5 credit cards regarding fees, periods of grace, and interest rates in a consideration of their cost. Free Market Forces of Capitalism and Socialism. This paper examines the economic theory of supply and demand. What influences the decision regarding whether a country should have a fixed or a floating exchange rate? In eight pages the impact of technology on banking is examined in an overview of talking teller machines, biometrics, and issues including customers service and employee effects. A 4 page paper that discusses specific issues. The first case considers two mining investment opportunities and performs a risk adjusted NPN and a NPV using sensitivity analysis techniques. A contrast is made between Great Britain and Saudi Arabia. Five sources are cited in the bibliography. This 8 page paper investigates the relationship between the value of the US dollar and the price of gold. Paper uses three sources. In five pages monetary policy is defined and monetary policy's national economy objectives are considered with such topics as the U.S. Federal Reserve, contractionary and expansionary policy types discussed. Twenty one sources are cited in the bibliography. The writer also looks at the flows within the models. This 6 page paper answers questions regarding the use of the balanced scorecard. The paper provides an introduction, aims ad objectives section, a literature review and a methodology. Oil prices and trade routes are also discussed. There are 4 sources listed in the bibliography of this 6-page paper. The writer finishes by assessing the way risk may be considered in the context for the pension funds. In five pages the contemporary world's utilization of experimental economics is examined in this overview of its history and variety of uses. Executive pay levels in the US are higher than elsewhere in the world. The writer presents a financial analysis of these two Australian companies, utilizing ratio analysis and assessing trends over the four year period between 2008 and 2011. Bibliography lists 6 sources. In five pages franchising costs are discussed in an examination of parent company financial statements and include such subjects as franchising costs, the financial statement impacts of franchising, and the investment opportunities represented by franchising rather than a subsidiary that is wholly owned. This five page paper examines the performance of the UK stock market between December 2007 and December 2012, using the FTSE 100 index as an indicator. The debate regarding the potential for the existence of an optimal capital structure is one that is ongoing. The credit crunch and the collapse of Northern Rock clearly point towards the merits of nationalizing the banking sector, or at least parts of it. Paper uses two sources. The second part considers long term sources of finance for corporation. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Topics Related to Capital Structure List 2. In six pages the influence of society upon economic theory is considered in a discussion of theories by J.M. The writer discusses why it is Europe that drove early economic growth. Fifteen sources are cited in the bibliography of this seven page paper. The paper is made up of nine PowerPoint slides and accompanying speaker notes. One topic described the experiences of an entrepreneur tryng to locate venture capital; another topic discussed decribes standard venture capital advice, contrasting this topic in the US with companies in Southeast Asia. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. The aim of the project is to identify the best risk management practices and adjust existing models where necessary. The paper starts with basic supply and demand forecasting and moves onto statistical and trend forecasting, simulation and marketing models used to make forecasts. Our professional dissertation writers provides finance dissertation ideas who are completely dedicated to providing superior-quality dissertations within the given time so that, no student ever has to miss the deadline. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography. Bibliography lists 4 sources. In three pages this paper examines types of investments such as money markets, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds and considers the influence of the economy on investment decisions. This 4-page paper examines the impact of taxation on cigarettes. In 2009 there has been an increase in the level of protectionist policies seen across the globe. This 3 page paper looks at the concept of supply and demand as it applies to the Coca-Cola Company. The bibliography cites 4 sources. In three pages this paper examines the 2003 Annual Report of Dell Computers in a consideration of its Weighted Average Cost of Capital and capital sources. The writer presets a paper based on a case study provided by the student. The paper then simulates primary research with HSBC employees to assess the way that the training and development is impacting on them. After this the paper then explains how the bank manages the relationship with the customers balancing the needs of savers and borrowers. The paper is written in two parts. The writer looks at India and the way in which the economy has developed. Three sources are cited in the bibliography this eight page paper. Bibliography lists 7 sources. A 4 page paper. The result of the combination of an accurate forecast and a budget based on that forecast is function at optimum levels for the organization's success. Are Accounting Reforms And Legislation Are The Only Means By Which The Accounting Profession Will be Able To Regain Public Trust And Re-Establish Its’ Credibility? The writer considers the problems that have been placed in the position in 2010, and discusses strategies that the governments are utilizing to bring the economies back into line with the required criteria. Three sources are cited in this four page paper. The writer answers questions set by the student concerning currency exchange rates. Six sources are cited in the bibliography this four page paper. This 3 page paper is basic research about mutual funds. The first part of the paper discusses the role and problems associated with hedge funds, the second part of the paper considers the general problems wit the regulation of the insurance markets in the US. The paper starts with an assessment of the different types of risk may be present, including political and economic, and then discusses tactics American firms may use to reduce that risk. Four sources are cited in the bibliography this three page paper. The concepts and practical use of price elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand and cross elasticity of demand are all explained. This paper integrates a view of case study material that include projected economic figures. This 32 page paper looks at the use accounting information systems (AIS) in banks, and considers what impacts ebanking, or internet banking, has had on the AIS within banks. Dissertation topics in finance for MBA Assignments from experts are enlisted below. The paper then looks at the inflows of FDI, considering the amounts received and the spread of FDI across different industries as well as the sources of FDI. Discusses how credit derivatives contributed to AIG, Bear Stearns' and Lehman Brothers' collapse. In seven pages this essay discusses whether or not there is a 'real estate bubble' in a consideration of economic cycles. Three sources are cited in the bibliography. Five sources are listed in the bibliography. The bibliography cites 29 sources. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. In three pages the corporate value of risk based audits is examined in an overview of its uses and its relationship with internal auditing. There is general agreement that child labor is wrong, but it is still widely practiced. Three sources are cited in the bibliography. Mill, Jeremy Bentham, and Adam Smith. The last part looks at four countries that have successfully introduced online tax payment systems. Six sources are cited in the bibliography. This 24 page paper looks at the importance of forecasting in a business environment and looks at a ranger of forecasting methods, explaining how they can be used. Questions such as return on investment and weighted cost of capital are discussed. Six sources are listed in the bibliography and one graph is also included. The paper start of a general overview of the implications for harmonisation and then considers the specific difficulties the US would face moving from a rules-based system to a principles-based system. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Presents a detailed budget for a fictitious financial literacy program. This paper focuses on the attempt in 2004 by Comcast to buy media giant Disney. The bibliography cites 2 sources. Each of the following link represents a broader area which can be further explored by clicking on it. In three pages and 2 parts this paper discusses a gold mine's present value and considers whether Cisco Systems or GM bonds are more financially attractive. The writer examines what is meant by the term capital management and why it is important for the financial management of a firm. The bibliography cites 190 sources. This 5 page paper looks at India and China as a potential destination for a direct foreign investment; it assesses the risks such as politic and exchange rate risk before making a recommendation. The causes are then examined and the potential strategies utilized by government in order to reduice or control inflation are considered. Two sources are cited in the bibliography. In a paper consisting of six pages project management is considered in terms of a capital budget and includes the ways in which a capital budget is used and developed as well as its theory and contents. Jay Leno praises the BMW Hydrogen 7, but the chief engineer of the Chevrolet Volt notes that the hydrogen infrastructure will be easier to implement in China or India, where there is not an extensive gasoline infrastructure. Do Pure Play Internet Banks Create Value? Three sources are listed in the bibliography. Eleven sources are listed in the bibliography with five graphs also included. The second part of the paper discusses the patterns seen in the economy during this period and the impact of monetary policy. In the future there will be decreasing demand for those without a college degree and the lifetime earning potential between those with and without college degrees is likely to become even more disparate. Four sources are cited in the bibliography. This statement is quite hard to deny as only a few can really survive writing all those finance research papers with all those numbers, banking assets, personal liabilities and stuff. Data is collected over a period of two years and analyzed in order to ascertain if there is such a relationship and the extent of that relationship. Keynes, Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, Alfred Marshall, J.S. Britain's The Economist introduced the Big Mac Index in 1986 as a comparison of the relative value of world currencies from the perspective of unique British humor. In nine pages this paper examines the UK accounting standard setting process, the pressures for making changes to the Accounting Standards Board and the advantages and disadvantages of shifting toward international accounting practices. The paper is based on a number of scenarios provided by the student. In 2009 it was announced that eBay would spin of Skype with an initial public offering. The bibliography cites 9 sources. Australia has adopted a strategy to improve financial literacy through education. The book focuses on the finance associated with investments and includes discussions of capital budgeting, risk, capital structure and other basic finance concepts. Three sources are cited in the bibliography. This 12-page paper examines the financials fraud perpetrated by WorldCom, Tyco, Adelphia and ZZZZ Best. The writer looks at the relevant importance of this product to Apple with a focus on the financial results. 10 pages. The bibliography cites 8 sources. The writer presents financial ratios from three companies operating in three different industries, using Disney Corporation as a service industry company, Tesco as a retail company and Lindsay Manufacturing as a manufacturing company.