Dave (Who should be working) Bandersnatch: 01/04/2017 18:47:19 Interval mnemonics - what songs do you use? "All Boys Can Eat Good Jam Leaving None" Relates to bolt sizes used on British made aircraft. Whats the short code for the planets. For example, the letter M maps to the digit 3, because it has 3 downstrokes; the letter "F" maps to the digit 8, because "f", when hand-written, looks like "8".Through association you can associate the words with the number. It's when songs change keys that throw me. the 3:4 "pass the goddamn butter" one works like so: Altogether, the polyrhythm has a composite rhythm of. I thought "All Boys Can Eat Good Jam Leaving None" might be a Google-whack, but no. TA ... long way to run Sol=sew, a needle pulling thread La=la, ... a drink with jam … A physical mnemonic trick will help you remember how many days are in each month. like North south east west. Medical Mnemonics .com : Medical Mnemonics A free, non-profit, online searchable database of medical mnemonics to help remember the important details. Forum Jump. with the 1,2, & 3 being the beats in the 3 rhythm, and the 1,a,&,e being the beats in 4 rhythm. It describes a mapping of consonants to digits. for 5:3. Adam Neely just uploaded a video describing how to process and intuit difficult polyrhythms.. At the 5:40 mark he gives three mnemonic examples. It is important you do not forget the general communication skills which are relevant to all patient encounters. (When we made aircraft that is!!!) Another desert/dessert mnemonic, from callisto@dorsai.org sweet stuff Dessert has double esses (thanks to Darlene.K.Carlson.2@nd.edu. The other entry ays: Another Mnemonic for you. I've come up with rather cruel mnemonic, "why don't you just get a life?" These mnemonic phrases really only work with the accompanying demonstration. Note that the convention when we write down the mnemonic words the words with mnemonic value are written in UPPER CASE and the words used just for filler are in lower case. My favorite spoof of the tendency for mnemonics to be no simpler than their targets is probably Robert Anton Wilson's "Mother Very Easily Made Jam Sandwiches Using No Peanuts, Mayonnaise or Glue." The major system is one of the most powerful mnemonic methods to memorize numbers. posted by kindall at 9:55 AM on November 14, 2003 Demonstrating these skills will ensure your consultation remains patient-centred and not checklist-like (just because you’re running through a checklist in your head doesn’t mean this has to be obvious to the patient). ... Search this Thread: Advanced Search. General communication skills. ... Kind of like knowing how hard to throw a baseball to make it go a certain distance. Yeah, I only know the 3:4 one. I free jam a lot so I'm usually pretty good at figuring that stuff out in just a few seconds at most. Inspired by THBMan's thread on how to remember the planets of the solar system, I wondered who else has mnemonic devices they want to ... a drink with jam … A couple of weeks after I taught this to ds1 he tells me that Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, apparently it's just a large lump of rock! Naughty elephant squirts water. (with thanks to Robert Heinlein) Mother Very Thoughtfully Made A Jam Sandwich Under No Protest - the order of the solar system: Mercury Venus Terra Mars Asteroids Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto. 1 a2 & 3e. The word "believe" has "lie" in it Also contributed by callisto@dorsai.org, who appears to love mnemonics as much as I … I'm still none the wiser. for 3:4; and I'm looking for a home to buy for 5:4.. It's the eleven planets, of course (in his books, the tenth and eleventh are named Mickey and Goofy). The Major system. Rule 10: To indicate all the digit pairs which form a single number, we typically write down the mnemonic words with underscores between them. Nice cup of tea works for 3:2; pass the goddamn butter! New PDA software is available: desktop.plkr.org and www.clinicalexam.com .