Any info or experiences you may have is very appreciated. This is a legitimate technique for expanding uptime and accessibility, these organizations may risk losing potential volume discounts by a single cloud vendor. This company is using Amazon Snowmobile to transfer petabytes of data to the cloud AWS's Snowmobile is a data center on wheels that uploads data 100 Petabytes at a time to the cloud . In IBM’s vision of cloud computing, and Microsoft will be allies rather than rivals. Press J to jump to the feed. This article dives down into the details to show you which providers have the … AWS vs Microsoft Azure What would you choose? Feb-21 . IBM's Red Hat purchase is a way to attempt a cloud leap frog and rise above the public cloud battlefield that now consists of AWS, Microsoft and Google. Top cloud providers 2019: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud; IBM makes hybrid move; Salesforce dominates SaaS. Recently I have been looking to do networking more closely related to cloud computing. AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM Cloud, which is the best for me? How so? Amazon, on the other hand, is known to be a fast evolving company, dynamic. Cloud computing is an information technology paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. The global Cloud Resource Access Management Solution market is broadly analyzed in this report that sheds light on critical aspects such as the vendor landscape, competitive strategies, market dynamics, and regional analysis. Both companies have hundreds of smaller clients, and dozens of big ones as well. TOP 26 Comments This comment was deleted by original commenter. Segmentation of the Market On the basis the Leading Regions, Major Players, Types and Applications . Global Cognitive Media Solutions Market Professional Survey Research Report 2020-2028 Cognitive Media Solutions Market research report is the new statistical data source added by Lexis Business Insights. The cloud platforms mentioned here provide most of the same services, some have better … Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS have more in common with superheroes than one might think. Cloud Infrastructure Software market Type Analysis: Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Infrastructure Software market Applications savvy section: SEMs ... Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Live … It can be difficult to make apples-to-apples comparisons because cloud providers offer different pricing models, unique discounting options, and frequent price cuts. AWS is the established leader and for most workloads architected correctly both are fine. Reddit. “Public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud, are innovation juggernauts that offer highly operating-cost-competitive alternatives to traditional, on-premises hosting environments.” If you are new to the world of cloud computing, you will want to select a cloud platform that can help you easily get started with learning … They seem quite different as far as culture so it is hard for me to compare. Global Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) Market by Type: Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) Video Communication Paas ... (BOXING) Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Live PPV Fight Reddit Streaming FREE: WATCH Tyson vs Jones 2020 game । start time, … Desktop as a service adoption lags behind on-premise VDI, but the popularity of cloud-hosted desktops is growing. It is not necessarily a fun company to work for, but IBM is the pits. That’s the current state of AWS vs Google Cloud. These new services help alleviate some of the management and capital expenses related to on-premises cloud architectures. If you use sensors, both have IoT offerings, but I would recommend you choose by OPEX cost of each solution in consultation with a cloud architect. Email Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Reddit Hacker News. If your focus is IBM's stack, by all means go that way. At Amazon I would be a cloud support engineer. ... IBM Cloud, which is in various locations that may be useful to you and … Depending on what the customer plans to use cloud services for drive the decision IMO. + View 13 more replies... IBM / Eng … It may not be perfect, but it will make a lot more sense for both career and skills, than IBM's softlayer. Cloud Wars IBM vs Microsoft vs Amazon vs Google – Part 1 Overview. Do yourself a favour and try your hardest for AWS. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud Earnings. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. For IBM Cloud, the company announced what it said is the industry’s “only commercially available state-of-art cryptographic technology for the cloud” called “Keep Your Own Key,” offering encryption keys and cryptographic operations protected with highest level certified HSM - with Hyper Protect Cryto services: FIPS 140-2 Level 4. Kubernetes: Challenges for … On-demand financial and human capital management software vendor, Workday and IBM are closely linked on many fronts. They could easily log on and deploy a full tool set. A recent study from Synergy research group states that Amazon has 34% market share, Microsoft Azure has 14% market share IBM cloud has 7% market share and lastly, Google Cloud compute engine is there with just 6% market share. I'd do AWS in a heartbeat. AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Pricing: Compute Instances. Cloud Computing Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide Lesson - 4. I am a network engineer (5 years) turned systems engineer (1 year) and I have found myself a niche in automation/control of networks via programming (for medium-large ISP networks). AWS has grown this early … Reddit - Cloud computing. ... and innovative public cloud platform.” AWS Nearly Perfect ... IBM and Oracle occupied the report’s “strong performers” category. For instance, if a particular … You should look at yourself and figure out how you see yourself. ... market leader AWS announced cloud revenues of $8.4 … Can you provide some more info on working with them? For example, IBM Cloud Private delivers an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications. Posted by Marius Sandbu January 4, 2018 in Uncategorized. I help customers with all three (GCP, AWS, Azure), and it isn't a binary decision. Disclaimer: after 6 years, I just left IBM for AWS. I know next to nothing about work at Amazon. Amazon, on the other hand, is known to be a fast evolving company, dynamic. The Inevitable Demise of IBM SoftLayer by AWS – The HFT Guy says: 15 … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. yeah I think it would be very engaging to be doing the work at AWS (cloud support engineer) and even though it is outside my current area of work (network engineer/systems engineer) I have been wanting to get closer to cloud and SDN technologies as everything is going in that direction. To get a sense of the AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud market share breakdown, let’s take a look at what each cloud provider’s reports shared. Tagged with postgres, database, sql, cloud. I am an experienced network engineer and have worked for ISPs for the last 5 years. The partnership between IBM and Humio consists of a collaboration to improve observability in IBM’s Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management with the integration of Humio’s real-time and scalable log management platform, ... InfluxDB Cloud is on AWS US East. Comparing cloud pri cing is complicated. There are so many factors related to each individual use-case. Amazon is known to work longer/harder hours and IBM is better for work at home etc however they are known for mass layoffs recently. Twitter Facebook Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp YouTube. Compare Multi-Cloud Vs Single Cloud-Some enterprises go through multi-cloud solutions to avoid vendor lock-in. Keep in mind that they only got a cloud offering because they bought one (softlayer), and have been recently trying to bluewash it: that is, bring more of the "IBM way" into what was an outside company. I assume the work/life balance (bad at IBM) is equally bad across the subsets of IT work we're talking about here. You rarely ever see they implementing something that someone else implemented first, because it rarely ever happens. With AWS you are help driving a medium chunk of the world economy. Follow this blog to get the latest news and information on AWS. Note: Vote Count in this post will be updated real time with new data. I truly wonder what OP is trying to achieve with this poll without any additional context. Go AWS. ... to an IoT project on GCP, to a DR solution on IBM and an HPC setup on AWS. In 2019, the global Cognitive Media Solutions Market size was xx million US$ and it is expected to reach xx million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during 2020-2025. Both are good choices. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ITCareerQuestions community. I think your likely pigeonhole'ing yourself, but follow your dreams, I guess. See the latest PostgreSQL trends report on public cloud vs private cloud vs hybrid cloud, most popular cloud providers, migration trends, multi database combos. thanks! are you trying to decide between the them? Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ellie Mae IBM Infosys Intuit Medidata Microsoft Oracle Salesforce SAP TCS Veeva Systems Wipro Workday BBVA Bankinter Intel Google Alibaba Tencent Kingsoft Ucloud Baidu Huawei China Telecom China Unicom. From OPs past history, they already posted about the cross cloud comparisons a few weeks back on their site, not sure what value add a binary poll is going to get them? If you want to both get exposure to the way the front-running Cloud provider performs in the stack, and get the significant career boost that the AWS name in your resume provides, go there soonest. ... Amazon Web Services Amazon is the clear market leader when it comes to public cloud. You are the one who has to figure out what connects where, and build your skyscraper from tiny blocks. The big blue is slow to move and adapt. There are many things to consider depending on your unique situation and what you are trying to accomplish. ... IBM+Eng Amazon+Eng Microsoft+Eng. LOG IN or SIGN UP. Linkedin. Example, Salesforce has partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and works with IBM too. If you want to be given instructions and just churn, if you feel comfortable working in small groups on medium-to-big projects, if you want to feel "on track", maybe IBM is right for you, but personally I'd rather be given a license to think for myself, identify problems and solve them myself my own way, work in various groups on smaller projects I can check off my list, and feel more responsible for my own advancement based on drive and how I choose and attack problems, I would avoid IBM. AWS Amadeus Fiserv Rackspace VMWare phoenixNAP Intuit Microsoft Onica Oracle Google Cloud Egnyte SAP Kamatera Salesforce Nokia IBM. At IBM I would be a network engineer, From the interviews I found that at AWS I would be working trouble tickets for customers, where at IBM I would be working internally doing datacenter network operations. What might be the pros and cons of these two orgs? IBM is known to be a huge bureocracy machine. Agreed, decisions like this cannot be binary and left to a simple poll. In this article, we will compare AWS vs. Google Cloud vs. Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We’ll jump to the bottom line now, and then elaborate below. What was the specific part of softlayer you interacted with? ... Also showing all the threads on reddit, seems like there is alot more activity focused … Amazon is fast paced and dynamic, IBM is going to be slower, but with much higher inertia. IBM can also possibly allow you to explore Power hardware and AIX, beasts within themselves. Cloud Big Data Workloads Challenge: AWS vs IBM Cloud; AWS vs. Azure: Summary. IBM Cloud Apache Stratos Oracle OpenShift ServiceNow Google AWS SAP Plesk VMware Zoho Creator Red Hat. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog News, articles and tools covering cloud computing, ... Seattle, Washington, United States About Blog Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Amazon Web Services started out as a pure cloud play used mainly by smaller firms and developers, focused on (among other things) Linux and a variety of databases. Working for IBM cloud vs AWS? How to Become a Cloud Engineer Lesson - 5. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Telefonica Red Hat Oracle IBM HPE Rackspace Microsoft Google. AWS Amazon reported Amazon Web Services (AWS) revenue of $11.6 billion for Q3 2020, compared to $8.9 billion for Q3 2019. Amazon Web Services did not have a massive layoff. CEO Ginni Rometty is betting on the hybrid cloud, which lets IBM offer services on corporate customers’ cloud-based servers as well as on third-party clouds operated by the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn Share to Reddit Share to Hacker News Share to Facebook Share Post Report Abuse. Note: We have limited experience with Microsoft Azure and will not comment on it. The report also indicates that in three years, more executives expect their companies to be using Azure than any other cloud service—even AWS. AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud # ... Aws vs Azure: AWS: It's fast, has everything, but it's like a box of Legos. Its hard to compare the two directly but thats what I am working with right now :]. And go AWS, not IBM. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Keep in mind that they only got a cloud offering because they bought one (softlayer), and have been recently trying to bluewash it: that is, bring more of the "IBM way" into what was an outside company. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. So, depending on how you see yourself in two to five years, take your pick. New / IT. Facebook. Instructions: Click Vote to Register Your Vote. ExaO82 Jun 29, 2019 26 Comments Bookmark; function; I have got offer from IBM Cloud as Sr staff software engineer. This week I have interviews at Amazon AWS and IBM Softlayer. XaaS: Why 'everything' is now a service Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a part of's cloud-computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), that allows users to rent virtual computers on which to run their own computer applications. They are also one of the references to other companies' features. Cloud Ecosystem Market current and future demand 2027 | Microsoft,Amazon/AWS,Dell EMC,IBM,Salesforce,Cisco,HPE,Adobe and VMware [email protected] November 15, 2020 Covid-19 Impact on Global Cloud Ecosystem Market Research Report 2020-2027 Google Cloud vs. AWS: Choosing the Right Platform Lesson - 3. Cloud storage companies touch the lives of millions; often making the world a better place. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Prep PWA App Cloud Practitioner Exam Prep AWS vs Azure vs Google What is cloud computing? Softlayer are a nightmare to work with. Keep in mind they mostly invented what we call "cloud computing" today: using APIs to provision resources computing charged by the hour. Linux Capabilities in OpenShift. Even if they do not have the most regions, they still have the largest market share. Source: ex-AWS leader who has benefited greatly from the experience and cannot turn jobs away fast enough (me). That looks good on your resume regardless of where you go next. I received an offer from AWS and likely will take it :]. I commented below, summing up directly to you. comments. Cloud Computing in Retail Banking Market SWOT Analysis, by Key Players: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ellie Mae, IBM, Infosys, Intuit, Medidata, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, TCS, Veeva Systems, Wipro, Workday, BBVA, Bankinter, Intel, Google, Alibaba, Tencent, … update: thanks everyone for your advice! I am looking to get a few years out of this but I don't expect to be anywhere for 25 years. Cheap Clouds. November 23, 2020. AWS revenue grew 29% in the quarter. Here's a look at the top DaaS providers and their services. In a predictable discovery, we found that Amazon Web Services (AWS) claimed the majority at 55% of use for all PostgreSQL hosting activities in a public cloud environment. This subreddit is designed to help anyone in or interested in the IT field to ask career-related questions. Some common examples of IaaS include instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS), … Global Cloud Computing Industry report provides thorough analysis by their respective segments as development rate, key players, geographical areas, technological advancements, and … Want to comment? And this is coming from someone that works in IBM! November 28, 2016 Kim Weins @flexera Subscribe. Cloud Wars IBM vs Microsoft vs Amazon vs Google – Part 1 Overview 2017 was another busy year with less activity than I’d hoped for on my personal blog. EC2 encourages scalable deployment of applications by providing a web service through which a user can boot an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to configure a virtual machine, which … A little more info: I am under 30 and mid career. So after plunging into most of these platforms I’ve decided to start 2018 with some fresh perspective on the major cloud platforms and analyse their strengths … Any idea on what you'll be working on? ... New York, United States About Blog Thoughts on … ... IBM … The report helps readers to clearly understand the current and future status of the global Cloud Resource Access Management Solution market. November 23, 2020. The cloud computing race in 2019 will have a definite multi-cloud spin. 2 26. facebook twitter reddit hacker news link. thank you very much for the detailed reply. Amazon is part of the new big four (including facebook, apple, google). In addition to the bureaucracy machine angle, you're expected to fit a mold, performance evaluations are cruel and you have to play politics because only so many "good" values can be doled out by department, it's very "tracked".