The noodle's hollow shape offers a texture (not to mention, sauce-gripping abilities) that we just love. We traded white rice for whole-grain quinoa and kicked out any processed ingredients for a new take on this comfort classic. The chicken broth and cheddar cheese provide a good amount of saltiness in this recipe, but be sure to give it a taste before serving, and stir in an additional pinch of salt if desired. Little quiches fit perfectly in little hands. My pantry and … This deep dish way to eat your veggies and love them, is quickly made with only frozen broccoli and frozen cauliflower. Credit: Traditional broccoli cheese soups often have more than 16 grams of fat and 2,000 milligrams of sodium per serving. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. How to make roasted frozen broccoli. Skip the bacon, swap olive oil for butter, toss in some cheese; whatever you like. Spoon soup mixture over ... immediately. This quick and easy dish even gets picky kids to try broccoli! How much time do you have? Cover broccoli and steam 3-5 minutes. My new twist is made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. A delicious and rich alternative to bland steamed broccoli! Broccoli-and- Cheese-Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipe. Broccoli Side Dish Madeleine Cocina. And, so very easy to make!! Did you mean frozen broccoli side? This Lemon & Garlic Broccoli Recipe may not look like much but it is the best broccoli you will ever eat. Brian Woodcock; Styling: Cindy Barr, Credit: To make the dish, start by steaming your frozen broccoli in the microwave. Try our lightened up version that offers great flavor without all the calories. DRESSY VEGETABLE SIDE DISH. See more ideas about recipes, broccoli, dishes. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. You get two mini frittatas per serving for only 168 calories; pair with a piece of fruit for a satisfying breakfast. Randy Mayor; Styling: Claire Spollen, Credit: These are the perfect breakfast treats for your little ones—especially if you have a daily broccoli battle on your hands!  Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Karen Rankin; Prop Styling: Audrey Davis, Credit: Cook for 15 minutes over medium heat, stirring every 2 minutes. Cutting Broccoli Into Florets. Dinner doesn’t get much simpler than this classic, garlicky pasta dish. For an easy supper that you can depend on, we picked out some of our tried-and-true favorites that have gotten us through even the busiest of days. Keto broccoli is one of my kids' favorites too! Once butter has melted, add the seasoned broccoli and cauliflower mixture. This is an easy broccoli casserole with cheese and crackers. Broccoli, Cheddar, and Ranch Chicken Calzones Recipe. Con Poulos, Credit: Put down that phone right now and bake up a mouthwatering, cheesy broccoli and ranch calzones tonight. Oxmoor House, 35 Recipes to Make With a Bag of Frozen Broccoli. Hector Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller, Credit: That said, if you have a block of Parmesan in the fridge, feel free to grate some over top of the hot pasta before serving. Florets are roasted after being tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and minced garlic. Frozen Broccoli Side Dish Recipes 147,868 Recipes. Stir broccoli and let cook again, undisturbed, for 4 to 5 minutes until the other side is browned and broccoli is tender crisp. Jim Bathie, Credit: Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray an 8- or 9-inch square baking dish with cooking spray and set aside. Great summer dish. However you make it, this salad is delicious. Spaghetti with Creamy Broccoli Pesto Recipe. If you are going to freeze or refrigerate until later, do not add the crumbs until you are about to cook it. sugar, soy sauce, ginger, lime juice, olive oil, broccoli, salt . You can prep them early, get them in the oven, then set up a buffet of toppings for guests to choose from. Randy Mayor; Styling: Missie Neville Crawford, Credit: Can also use fresh broccoli. Jennifer Causey; Styling: Claire Spollen, Credit: Of course, you can use raisins if you'd like. It is one of my favorite keto side dishes. Thin the soup with milk if needed when reheating. Then, add the water and cook as normal. A quick and simple broccoli recipe. Yummy, cheesy broccoli casserole that is a hit for every Thanksgiving dinner! Broccoli, Pancetta, and Parmesan Frittata Recipe. A more nutritious version of the classic casserole, made with mushrooms, peppers, and whole-wheat bread crumbs. Oven Roasted Frozen Broccoli is officially my new favorite easy side dish. BROCCOLI SIDE DISH. Orecchiette with Broccoli, Tomatoes and Sausage Recipe. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a family, these easy dinners are sure to leave everyone satisfied and stress-free. Spray the frozen broccoli with olive oil spray to coat Sprinkle on even amounts of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder over the tops of the broccoli (no need to toss or stir) Roast at 450 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes, checking once or twice, until broccoli is crisped to your liking Baked potatoes are ideal side dishes for a crowd. Also, the eggs can be taken out for a great sauce and using skim milk and fat-free cheese works well, too. Make this cornbread muffin recipe for an easy barbecue side or a festive dinner bread. Not only is frozen broccoli generally less expensive than fresh broccoli… Broccoli Casserole. Broccoli and cauliflower are a perfect pair, even better with garlic. Nov 3, 2020 - Explore Celeste Rockwell's board "Broccoli Side Dishes", followed by 159 people on Pinterest. See this recipe used in my weekly meal prep. Add the olive oil, garlic, and half of the … A hot cast-iron skillet helps to crisp the bottom of the crust while the surface gets golden brown under the broiler--no baking required. Jennifer Causey Styling: Lindsey Lower, Credit: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Jan Gautro, Credit: Don't skip the cornstarch mixture here--it helps the garlicky sauce cling to the pasta. Or use a combination of grapes, raisins, craisins, and dried cherries. They're near the salad greens in the supermarkets. Home > Recipes > frozen broccoli side dishes. Broccoli-and-Bacon Muffin-Tin Frittatas Recipe. Enjoy! Include it in salads, soups, casseroles, or stir-fries. We like our version extra chunky, so we only puree about a third of the broccoli mixture in step 3. It's just one of those things that you can't get enough of! Place the thawed and drained vegetables in a 13 x 9 glass baking dish and mix gently to combine. Transform healthy broccoli into family-pleasing goodness. Microwave-in-bag fresh vegetables help this meal come together lickety-split. How to make the best sauteed broccoli in under 10 minutes: Start by chopping the broccoli … Broccoli dish mixed with cream of mushroom soup, cheese, and other various ingredients topped with crushed Ritz® crackers. Oven Roasted Frozen Broccoli Florets. This is a great idea for those who aren't big fans of bread crumbs. Randy Mayor. Drizzle with olive oil and additional Parmesan cheese before serving. The mildly spicy soy-orange sauce brings it all into balance. Everybody understands the stuggle of getting dinner on the table after a long day. Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup  Recipe. Anna Williams; Styling: Anna Last, Credit: Why order delivery, when you can make pizza at home? Mmmmmmm! What a hit with my family. The bucatini noodles’ signature is that they are jumbo sized with a hollow hole running through the them, making for the perfect tube for sauce to creep in. Look for Asian chile-garlic sauce with other Asian flavorings and condiments. Wash broccoli and place it in a non-stick skillet. But before storing the dish for later, make sure you check out our guide for how long foods last in the fridge and freezer. … It caramelizes perfectly, and the spices give it a great flavor that kids and parents will love. Broccoli and cream cheese with almonds has been a Thanksgiving tradition in our family for over 40 years. It takes just a smidgen of more time, but the results are absolutely extraordinary." To add more flavor to quinoa, try toasting it. or Sauteed Broccoli (10 minutes). There’s no chopping or defrosting and it’s simple to customize with your favorite seasoning blend. Caitlin Bensel, Credit: This is my grandmother's casserole, and her standard addition to our family dinners. They’re a great swap when you want to mix it up from ordinary spaghetti noodles. MyRecipes may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Plus, this simple-to-follow recipe rivals the original in terms of flavor, and at a fraction of the cost. If you have children, or have some coming to visit you as guests this Thanksgiving, I guarantee that they will eat (and enjoy) this veggie dish! Jun 22, 2017 - Explore Toni's board "Frozen Broccoli Recipes" on Pinterest. The broccoli … Especially awesome for those weeks when you just can’t seem to make it to the grocery store, aglio e olio is easy to whip up with just a handful of pantry staples. Credit: This is an easy recipe for a delicious broccoli side that takes just a few minutes to make. A savory taste with a crispy cheese topping makes it a sure win. This search takes into account your taste preferences. Keeping frozen broccoli on hand makes it easy to whip up a delicious and nutrient-filled meal on the fly. Broccoli casserole enriched with cheese, mayonnaise, and cream of mushroom soup - delicious and EASY to make! Roasted frozen broccoli is the fuss-free vegetable side dish you’ve been dreaming of. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Freeze an extra pan of this whole-grain main for kid-friendly comfort. This simple meatless stir-fry of broccoli and tofu has a subtle yet addictive sauce. We kids could never get enough! It was our very favorite Thanksgiving vegetable. Add 1 cup water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Cook the broccoli in boiling water for about 3 minutes or until just cooked through, then drain well and place in a small ovenproof dish. If you've got to eat your broccoli, this is a great way to do it. The addition of turmeric brightens the natural yellow tint of this cheesy soup and adds a subtle depth of flavor. A simple and quick way to cook broccoli that even picky eaters love. Broccoli is roasted with garlic and olive oil, then tossed with lemon juice and shaved parmesan cheese. It’s so easy to make that it’s going to become a go-to on your menu! My favorite part is the roasted sliced stem pieces. You don’t want to cook the broccoli until it’s soft because it will continue cooking … The roux (a thickening base made of flour and butter) is used to create the soup’s signature smooth, rich consistency. Cheesy Sausage, Broccoli, and Quinoa Casserole Recipe. A simple recipe for grilled broccoli with a hint of spice if you choose. Cook without stirring 5 minutes, until broccoli is browned on the bottom. Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix the broccoli and cauliflower florets in a large bowl. Why Roast Frozen Broccoli? Serve with garlic bread. Roasting brings out the sweet flavor of broccoli while adding a pleasant bitter note. These side dish favorites go beyond steaming to show off the veggie in tasty ways. With garlic and cheese, this broccoli pasta is a tasty way to get kids to eat their veggies. Even my kids like this dish. Remove & place in a bowl. It's a wonderful combination of creamed corn, broccoli and cheese all baked together for a delicious side dish. 1. yum! Quick Garlicky Roasted Broccoli. —Judi Lacourse, Mesa, Arizona --Contributing editor Virginia Willis, author of the forthcoming Lighten Up, Y'all, Credit: This is quick meal to make. A creamy side dish that is baked in a delicious cheese sauce. Kate Sears, Credit: Add the rest of your ingredients and mix until well combined, then pour the mixture into your casserole dish. The best part about this recipe is that it’s great for leftovers. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. I love to have broccoli as a healthy side dish! This recipe is great for just-getting-started-cooks. Taking the extra step to remove the woody outer layer from the broccoli stems makes the entire floret tender. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower is an oven-roasted treat that will become a side-dish legend on any table! © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Romulo Yanes, Credit: This Southern-style cornbread is blissfully easy to prepare thanks to a few store-bought ingredients like frozen broccoli and corn muffin mix. Results 1 - 10 of 15 for frozen broccoli side dishes. Who needs a pie pan or pastry dough when you've got muffin tins? If you're feeling brave, try adding other fresh vegetables or leftover meat to this recipe. My mom used to make this easy recipe every Thanksgiving when I was little. Leftovers aren't leftover long. This is a great casserole that I threw together one day when a friend requested Broccoli au Gratin for her birthday dinner. A little char with the sticky spicy sauce is a great change from the normal grilled side dishes. Preheat the oven to 220C/200C Fan/Gas 7. What a hit with my family. Even though I rarely cook with canned condensed soups, I still make this yummy broccoli casserole during the holiday season. It's important that the rice is cold so it won't become sticky while cooking; the oil coats the chilled grains and prevents clumping. Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Styling: Amy Burke, Credit: Make a healthy and delicious broccoli side dish with these easy recipes. And it’s very easy to cut broccoli … Antara Sinha; Food Styling: Briana Riddock, Credit: Ryan Benyi; Styling: Lynn Miller, Credit: Creamy broccoli casserole that is a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables! We opted to jazz the dish up with the addition of broccoli florets, but if you have a different frozen green veggie kicking around the freezer, like sweet peas, or even a bag of spinach in the crisper, feel free to use what you’ve got instead. This copycat version of Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup makes the fan-favorite dish easy to enjoy anytime. It's fabulous with a Christmas ham and potatoes au gratin too. Roasted vegetables are one of our favorite answers to the question of the quick weeknight side dish, and my latest pick for roasted goodness is broccoli. I have strong feelings about cooked broccoli. This recipe has been passed down in our family for years because it's so cheesy and delicious! 1 2 Next. Karry Hosford, Credit: This is a favorite family recipe that I ate quite a bit of when I was pregnant. Easy to double. If you're looking for a simple recipe to simplify your weeknight, you've come to the right place--easy dinners are our specialty. – Buckwheat Queen. Great broccoli cauliflower recipe that everyone will love! These easy broccoli side dishes are some of our favorites; they do it deliciously with healthy ingredients and easy preparations. Photography: Greg Dupree; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer; Prop Styling: Cindy Barr. And, so very easy to make!! Other ways to enjoy broccoli include in soups, in sheet pan meals or even as salad! The croutons on top give it that crunchy flavor everyone will love. I could seriously eat pounds of this stuff. Broccoli Souffle Passed down through the generations, this broccoli souffle recipe has become a holiday staple in our family. Cook broccoli in microwave, just until crisp tender (about half of the time called for on the package). A perfect side dish for chicken and fantastic for holiday meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas, its a catch all dish that may actually get your kids to eat! This easy make-ahead breakfast will have you set for the week. Yield: 12 servings. Just the right mixture of garlic and cashews with our favorite side dish, broccoli. Watch . Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. If you can't find frozen butternut puree, swap in an equal amount of mashed sweet potato or canned unsweetened pumpkin. We opted to jazz the dish up with the addition of broccoli florets, but if you have a different frozen green veggie kicking around the freezer, like sweet peas, or even a bag of spinach in the crisper, feel free to use what you’ve got instead. Roasted Frozen Broccoli with an Easy Asian Sauce is one of those recipes that happened almost as an accident. This is a family favorite for holidays and get-togethers! This recipe takes just a few minutes to throw into the oven and it emerges toasty around the edges and garlicky and a little spicy, if you like. Drain the broccoli then saute the chopped onion in butter and add it to the broccoli. Or, hey, leave the veggie out altogether—this dish was designed to be flexible and delicious with whatever you have on hand. Combine ... mix well. Homemade Chinese food is a tasty and delicious way to save money in your food budget. Easy Broccoli Casserole I Broccoli casserole that is good with cheese and/or rice added! Skip. If in a pinch, you could probably use frozen broccoli too, but I haven't tried. MyRecipes is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Or try dried cherries. You can definitely use spaghetti noodles instead of bucatini, but consider picking up a box of bucaini to try next time you go shopping. Stir-frying rice is a great way to turn leftover rice into a quick and easy meal. This easy version of broccoli salad features frozen broccoli plus cauliflower and chopped carrot for added color and crispness. A squeeze of lemon juice before serving seals the deal. A traditional creamy chicken casserole can have more than 800 calories per serving! Fact: there are many of our side dish recipes that are much faster than this roasted frozen broccoli. This classic kung pao chicken is ready in just 30 minutes. Add parmesan cheese and mix well. This soup offers a healthier alternative without sacrificing the delicious flavor. Best part: I don't even use dishes to prepare it (all mixing and cooking happens in the foil). A fast and zesty take on frozen broccoli. © Copyright 2020, 20 Things to Cook This Month That Have Nothing to Do With Thanksgiving, 15 Vegan Muffin Recipes for Easy Breakfasts, 15 Comfort Food Dinners That Start With Creamy Alfredo Sauce, 2-Ingredient Snacks That Are Too Easy Not to Make, Use Your Stale Bread in These Savory Bread Puddings, 13 Spiked Apple Cider Cocktails to Celebrate the Season, 15 Comfort Food Casseroles Inspired by World Cuisines, 12 Recipes to Turn Extra Chicken into Healthy Main Dish Salads, 15 Ground Beef Soup Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners, Ground Turkey Slow Cooker Recipes for Easy Weeknight Meals, 11 Top Chicken Casseroles That Lean to the Healthy Side, 12 Classic Italian Recipes Made Easy in the Instant Pot. Place frozen vegetables in 9x13-inch baking dish. Originally submitted to Perfectly tender-crisp, caramelized and lightly seasoned with garlic, my family literally cannot get enough. Savory with a touch of sweetness, Broccoli Bread cooks up like cornbread but offers fiber and calcium. It works well as a side dish, especially on soup night. is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Roasted, steamed, or sautéed, frozen broccoli is the star ingredient in these convenient weeknight recipes. Last updated Oct 15, 2020. It's basically a great recipe that can be easily altered according to taste. Place butter in a medium sauce pan and heat over medium heat until the butter has melted. See more ideas about recipes, cooking recipes, broccoli recipes. "This recipe works perfectly as written." . One-Pan Broccoli-Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese Recipe. Top the casserole with Ritz crackers mixed with butter, and bake the dish for about 25 minutes. Broccoli-Pasta Side Dish. Follow CentsLess Meals on Pinterest for more great recipes! For these broccoli-topped spuds, you may want to offer a bowl of sour cream. Here's how: After you've rinsed and drained the quinoa, heat a saucepan over medium-high heat and add the quinoa. Butternut squash puree enhances the color here without distracting from the cheesy flavor, and it sneaks in another serving of vegetables. If in a pinch, you could probably use frozen broccoli too, but I haven't tried. A few nights ago, I needed a side dish and I needed one fast. Can your weeknight dinners use a little more green? I was looking for a unique way to prepare broccoli and decided to give this a try! Baked frittatas are like overstuffed omelets that you don't have to worry about flipping. Can be served hot or cold. Bill Telepan's fresh free-form ravioli are filled with broccoli and cheese, then boiled and baked until crisp at the edges. … Wonderful side dish with broccoli and cream cheese. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Broccoli and Beef with Oyster Sauce Recipe, Mom's Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole Recipe. This side dish adds lots of color and vitamins and minerals to your meal. But if you’re looking for the best way to make frozen broccoli … No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. Why We Love this Recipe. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Rob Culpepper; Food Styling:Rishon Hanners; Prop Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine, Credit: Randy Mayor; Lydia DeGaris-Pursell, Credit: Broccoli is tossed in a flavorful sauce with sesame oil, chili oil, hoisin sauce, spices, and grilled in a nonstick grilling skillet. Antonis Achilleos; Styling: Gerri Williams for James Reps, Credit: Toast, stirring, until the grains begin to smell fragrant. If the broccoli florets are large, break them into smaller pieces at the stalk instead of chopping them; they'll cook more quickly. This is a great go-to pasta recipe that you can whip up in a pinch with essentially whatever you have on hand. Randy Mayor; Melanie J. Clarke, Credit: 15 Minutes or Less 30 Minutes or Less 45 Minutes or Less No Restrictions. More Broccoli Side Dish Recipes. Broccoli is a delicious, nutritional powerhouse. To save time, you can microwave the broccoli florets in a covered microwave-safe bowl at HIGH for 2 minutes or until crisp-tender. This is the prefect side dish you can throw on the grill after you pull the meat up to rest. A favorite at family gatherings. Believe it or not, frozen broccoli is more than just a great add-in for pasta dishes and stir-fry. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. You can definitely use frozen broccoli for this side dish, but I prefer making fresh broccoli casserole. Just the right mixture of garlic and cashews with our favorite side dish, broccoli. This is the best broccoli rice casserole you will ever eat! You can try swapping the shrimp for white beans to turn the lemony seafood pasta into a vibrant vegetarian entrée. These sides take just 20 minutes of active cooking time, so you can focus on preparing your main dish. Cheesy Broccoli-and-Rice Casserole Recipe, "The old-school version of this recipe uses canned soup and often calls for frozen broccoli. What makes this quick-cooking side dish really tasty is coating the broccoli and rice in a creamy cheese sauce . For a thinner, smoother consistency, add more soup to the blender. So if you’re looking for something quick and easy, try those frozen Peas with Lemon, or our Sauteed Spinach or Sauteed Kale (5 minutes!) This recipe is great for vegetarians or for anyone who loves rich meat-free stuffing. Mom's Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole, Broccoli, Cheddar, and Ranch Chicken Calzones, Cheesy Sausage, Broccoli, and Quinoa Casserole, Broccoli, Pancetta, and Parmesan Frittata, Broccoli-and- Cheese-Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Orecchiette with Broccoli, Tomatoes and Sausage. Store cooked frittatas in the fridge for up to four days. A new recipe a neighbor gave us. The quintessential creamy side dish just perfect for dinner, an office potluck, or a holiday recipe idea. You can even make these healthy broccoli recipes with frozen broccoli! . 147,868 suggested recipes. Meanwhile, the white pepper and ground nutmeg lend the soup a gentle warmth that balances out the richness of the dairy ingredients. A beautiful side dish of broccoli and angel hair pasta with red pepper flakes is so delicious and so aromatic. Easy roasted broccoli. I get a lot of requests for this dish. A new recipe a neighbor gave us. Broccoli bacon salad is a classic recipe, updated using fresh red grapes and dried cranberries instead of raisins. From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. Ingredients: 5 (cheese .. soup ...) 2. Jennifer Causey Styling: Claire Spollen, Credit: To cut preparation time, use precut broccoli florets. This quiche recipe combines the standard custard mixture with steamed broccoli and cheddar cheese baked into muffin-sized mini quiches. I love to fix new recipes for my husband, Robert, and our children. Or, hey, leave the veggie out altogether—this dish was designed to be flexible and delicious with whatever you have on hand. Best of all, they can be served for any meal of the day. Spaghetti with Creamy Broccoli Pesto is great for kids—especially since they don't have to know it's full of good-for-them broccoli. The frozen broccoli is roasted and charred in the oven at a high temperature and tossed in with the other ingredients, delivering deep and delicious flavor.