In general, entering a larger portion of the name will result in fewer entity names being listed. Request support or submit a suggestion, we will get back to you via email or phone. Enter name, ticker or CIK into the single search field. Search Entity Name Use this page to see whether a proposed name of your new entity resembles to the already registered or booked entity names. Once you’ve picked your name, you should protect it by registering it with the right agencies. Required: You must enter a individual name. First Name: Last Name: Registered Agent Name: Individual Entity . Search for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Trademarks by Name ADDITIONAL SEARCH INSTRUCTIONS. The entity name may be entered in upper, lower or mixed case. Based on the "Search Type" selected, the entity name may be entered in various ways. Business Name Search Glossary of Terms. How to Research Public Companies Learn how to quickly research a company's operations and financial information with EDGAR search … Search for a business entity FAQ or Help. Search for a Company or Business Name This free search facility enables you to search against 10 million registered entities operating in the UK. First Name: Last Name: Filing Number: Advanced Search Options You can find the right business name with creativity and market research. Business Entity Search. Request Support. It is a 'Charter Number' for Domestic Corporations. Suggestions as you type link directly to filings. Search by Entity Name. Required: You must enter an entity name. Entity Type : Entity Name : Search … Individual name: Search type: Search by Identification Number. To search by file number, company name must be left blank. Get Started With a quick brief view of registered company names at SSM registry of companies, you will have a better idea to decide your new company name. Check your new company name with SSM online system before registering your company! When the Secretary of State receives a filing requesting the registration of a business name, we conduct a search of our records to determine whether a name conflict exists. The ID number must be 6 or 9 digits in length. Business Name- The current name of the business as it appears on our records. Guides. Entity Name Box: Enter the business entity name being searched for. Entity name: Search type: Search by an Individual Name. Save your name search fee charged by SSM . Proposed name(s) that resembles with the registered or booked names may not the cleared for registration. I would like to Search By(enter information in one field below): Select One: Entity Name: Entity ID: Principal Name: Individual Entity . It is a 'License Number' for Foreign Corporations. Entity Number – The entity number is a unique identifier assigned to a business by the Ohio Secretary of State.