You receive new quests from the Black Spirit as you level up, complete story quests, or meet other criteria. i did the same, i'll just take advantage of the xp servers for now and go back and do all the spirit quests later. Make one crest by combining the two parts and fight the Black Spirit that wants more power and is trying to conquer your consciousness. You obtain this quest thru the Black Spirit and you will need to find “Afuaru” for the first quest: Valencia Grave Robber. Season servers are a new addition to BDO which first arrived on the 17th June 2020. 73 comments. Quests are tasks given by NPCs, the Black Spirit or via the guild menu. Dark energy can be obtained by finishing quests. ... A Match with the Black Spirit! Close. Second quest is relatively simple – Steal a book from the Royal Palace. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. After doing all required tariff quests this quest … If you're following all the quests in order you should have no problem getting there. You can level the spirit up by feeding him spare equipment or condensed dark energy. You can create the Awakened Black Spirit Summon Scroll by combining the Dwarves' Edana Token, the Ancient Giant's Edana Token and Cartian's Token in your Third quest: Afuaru’s Hobby’s. Meme. When summong the Black Spirit, you are presented with a menu that includes options such as: Quest: See the current Black Spirit Quests. Meme. #BlackDesertMobile #BDM Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Tome): after reaching level 53, the Black Spirit will give you a quest called, Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Tome) . Hey! Black Spirit Crystal Guide[Free 7mil crystal] PreRequisites :- [These preReq quest might not be needed, some have it available post 45] Completion of Fearful Summon Witch Scroll which black spirit gives after hex sanctuary kill quest. save. A very in depth guide to BDO's main quests. – Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] Awakened Black Spirit. 1.3k. 98% Upvoted. Quest: Finding Valencia’s Treasures. If there is a new quest, the word "Quest… hide. The mysterious Black Spirit: The Black Spirit is an enigmatic figure in the world of BDM. Well you need to do the quests sooner or later since you'll cap out at lvl 49 99.999% if you don't do a specific black spirit quest and it doesn't take that long to hit that cap even on a non-Olvia server. share. ... and imo the black spirit’s dialogue is genuinely funny … Quests are tasks given by NPCs, the Black Spirit or via the guild menu. The only thing that could be a challenge is crossing the desert (Your navigation system … Complete that quest to receive the Adventurer’s Tome, then the rest of your lower level characters should be able to access the quest also to get an Adventurer’s … Full Guide Information about Awake / Tier 5 of Black Spirit. Usually after kill 2 cyclops quest Steps :- Go To Tarif. It is connected to you as a companion of sorts but with some hidden agenda. Black Spirit Menu . They are only available if you meet certain requisites and these can range from level or skill requirements to finishing other quests to having enough Amity with an NPC to not automatically hiding/rejecting quest types.. Black Desert allows you to define preferences for what quest … I'm not quiet sure when they unlock the Valencia quest line but keep a look out in your quest log. Yes black spirit main quests will guide you to Valencia. report. Just on your navigation and just go straight to the book. A very in depth guide to BDO's main quests. Posted by 5 months ago.