Support equipment (whose complexity in some instances approaches the aircraft's) is needed to properly maintain and operate aircraft. Collect, evaluate, and exchange technical information. 4-39. The result will be the number of personnel needed to meet the requirement under present conditions. 4-28. The authorization for this type of equipment is contained in the repair parts TM for that aircraft. Justification for each item, including a statement that the item can be maintained. A daily inspection must be performed on aircraft under this system that have not flown in a specified number of days. 4-16. Perform operator maintenance on GSE assigned to the section. In some cases, the critical need for the item and the difficulty of replacing it may dictate repair, regardless of the man-hours required. This may include establishing a night shift. FM 3-04.300, C1 Change 1 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 21 April 2010 Airfield and Flight Operations Procedures 1. Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 3-04.7 provides techniques concerning aviation maintenance operations from aviation brigade to platoon levelThe . Organizing Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) servicing facilities is based on many factors, such as the number of aircrew members assigned, and the type and quantity of equipment. Knowledge of US Army aviation safety programs and regulations 5. One of the most significant areas that a unit maintenance manager at all levels faces is use of manpower. Aircraft must be grounded for maintenance if there is a reasonable doubt about flight safety. Criteria have been established governing inspection and classification of material to determine man-hour maintenance requirements. Discrepancies are often discovered that require unavailable parts or components to be removed for repair. script.setAttribute("async", true); Attaining the maintenance objective becomes much more challenging when resources are limited. TM 1-1500-328-23 and DA Pam 738-751 contain specific maintenance policies that apply to all Army aircraft. A primary tool room attendant is appointed on orders by the commander and signs for all tools, sets, kits, outfits and Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) stored in the tool room. An illustration change … Provides maintenance and logistical information to the customer and staff on aviation and aviation-related systems. 3. Another way to expedite maintenance and provide AVIM-level training for unit personnel is to let the assigned crew chief accompany the aircraft to the AVIM unit. When given a flying-hour program, the unit will find that comparing requirements against capability will result in a surplus or a deficit man-hour situation. 4-83. The Air Force Aircrew Badge is a direct successor to the Army Air Forces version of the decoration. The LAP does not relieve commanders of logistics-readiness responsibilities or functions. Slow daily missions to allow time for corrective maintenance. This requirement normally results from the replacement of a component; for example, the crew chief needs help with replacement of a UH-60 main module. Detailed procedures for preparing DA Forms 1352 and 1352-1 are in AR 700-138. The monthly reporting period is from the 16th of each month through the 15th of the following month. 5-17. Limitations are normally stated in number of days allowed to repair a certain item and are subject to fluctuation. To do this, he must make valid approximations based on past performance. It is also tied very closely to site selection. Careful inspection of the aircraft at every opportunity simplifies preventive maintenance. During downtime, the crew chief or repairer should determine when the next scheduled phase/periodic inspection is due. These teams are controlled by AMCOM and designed to assist the commander in improving the proficiency of maintenance personnel at AVUM and AVIM levels. Perform operational checks, including built-in tests on aircraft weapon systems. Despite the essential contribution of maintenance to system reliability, maintenance is also a major cause of system failure. Identification of the specific requesting unit. Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System– Aviation This major revision, dated 28 February 2014-o Adds an Aircraft Transfer Decision Table (chap 1). Platoons and sections in the shop are needed to operate GSE, maintain ORF equipment, repair unserviceable equipment, evaluate the quality of work performed, and administer, plan, and control the maintenance work load. For rotary-wing aircraft with their many highly balanced, moving, and rotating parts, maintenance requirements are even more intense. Coordinate activities of the QC elements. This production method is used when various jobs are performed in the shop or when the item being repaired is difficult to move. The unit needing the extra equipment should submit a request in letter form through command channels. Aircraft maintenance inspections are oriented to the early detection of faults affecting SOF. If an item is listed, it can be requested, even if it is not included in the unit's TOE, MTOE, or TDA. When available man-hours are computed against direct productive man-hours, a more accurate picture of unit effectiveness results. The repair parts manual lists the GSE needed for the aircraft. The PM/PE inspection should be completed in a systematic matter. Army DA administrative publications and forms by the Army Publishing Directorate APD. Disassemble, repair, reassemble, and adjust power train components, systems, and subsystems according to TMs, directives, and safety procedures. Repair honeycomb and structural panels such as floor panels, work decks, and avionics shelves. Monitor the progress of work in the various maintenance sections to ensure a balanced workload. The maintenance officer, however, is responsible for the aircraft maintenance program and needs to ensure that all aspects of aviation maintenance have been considered before any operation. Class 2: Student aviators after beginning training, rated Army aviators, DAC pilots, contractor pilots (unless they have an FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate), Army aviators returning to aviation service, other non-U.S. Army personnel. Aircraft checklist inspection requirements are distributed into equalized checklist sections, which together constitute a complete PPM cycle. These man-hours are available for productive work but are used in other than primary MOS duties. The PM inspection is a thorough inspection, which includes partial disassembly of the aircraft. } Aviation Safety Officer Course (ASOC) Accident Investigation and Analysis Course (AIC) New and complex equipment must be introduced into the Army system as rapidly as possible, and military personnel are constantly rotating. 5-4. The Department of the Army has developed a worldwide flying-hour program for preparing budgets and planning aircraft logistics support. 4-79. REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama – In 2001, Allen Forche decided to serve his country and enlist in the United States Army. Interprets regulations, TMs, and orders pertaining to maintenance and sustainment actions of Army aircraft for commanders and subordinates. Monitor the operation and maintenance of power generation and ground support equipment. This volume is of maximum benefit to those who desires general information about general maintenance and practices. 4-76. This regulation establishes policy and procedures for Army manned/unmanned aircraft operations, flight rules, crew re- quirements, and general aviation provisions. 4-82. Examples are personnel who are on leave, TDY, or AWOL. 9. 4-45. All of the Army aviation facilities are used to maintain aircraft in a readiness state for training exercises, natural disaster relief, and combat. NG-J1-R. NGR (AR) 611-110. For example, don't use man-hours expended during the winter when computing a summer flight program. GSE includes all equipment and special tools required to maintain aircraft and associated equipment. Perform scheduled phase/periodic maintenance inspections assisted by the crew chief and aircraft component repair section personnel. ORF aircraft will be exchanged on an item-for-item basis within the basic mission, design, and series. The aircraft repairer receives only nominal training on GSE and must learn to maintain the equipment through an on-the-job training program. Maintenance officers must ensure that the AOAP in each unit complies with all requirements. These are man-hours used for the normal performance of maintenance tasks. AVIM units are responsible for providing AVIM level maintenance as well as back-up AVUM maintenance and technical assistance on the proper procedures for performing preventive and unit maintenance during surge activity. Once the phase is completed, a final inspection will be performed. To get an accurate number of required maintenance man-hours, each unit must compute its man-hour-to-flying-hour ratio by using the man-hours expended and hours flown by the unit. During stabilized operations, with programmed flying hours, the AVUM PC officer must determine how many phase and periodic inspections must be performed each year. Perform authorized modifications to fire control and supporting systems. All levels will make maximum use of test equipment for diagnostic testing and fault isolation. Figure 4-1. Units using the ULLS-A system use the management tools and the AMSS of ULLS-A for tracking aircraft status and monthly reporting of operational data. Troubleshoot weapon systems for mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic functions using system test sets and equipment. Class 2F/2P: Flight surgeons, APAs, AMNPs, those applying for or enrolled in the Army Flight Surgeon Primary Course. Second, PC personnel may use the report for information, together with the PM/PE inspection flowchart, to provide aircraft for missions and to plan inspection schedules. Advise both technical and nontechnical personnel. (Do not confuse these with the PMS of the phase maintenance method.). In a modified bay shop or dock operation, the equipment to be repaired is moved from one section to another at irregular intervals until the work is completed. 4-51. If the aircraft should require extensive maintenance, the crew chief will request and receive assistance from AVUM maintenance personnel. They provide aviation maintenance support to the Army National Guard Fleet, the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, on a day-to-day basis. To ensure complete objectivity, QC personnel are directly responsible to the unit commander. 5-15. A close working relationship between maintenance, operations personnel, and flight company commanders is essential to aviation units. 4-62. Ensures aviation maintenance follows TAAB, USAMDW, and DA technical guidance. Commanders are responsible for developing a self-sustaining capability. 4-53. Categories of Storage.. If the result is a negative number, the number of additional personnel needed to meet the requirement under present conditions can be computed, using the following steps. BDA involves inspecting damaged equipment to determine the extent of damage, classifying the equipment according to the type of repairs required, and developing a plan of action for each item. The request should include the following: 5-14. The maintenance processes are outlined in the Naval Aviation Maintenance Process (NAMP) [32] managed under the authority of AIR6.0. Replace and repair stringers, longerons, bulkheads, and beams according to directives, TMs, and safety procedures. It uses a fixed maintenance dock or bay. Any Army aviation unit authorized to perform unit maintenance is responsible for keeping its aircraft mission-capable. This must be done within a given MOS. Maintenance reports provide information for identifying readiness deficiencies, fixing those deficiencies, and sustaining readiness improvement. 5-5. 4-22. If the flying-hour program is for more than one month, multiply that figure times the number of months. Also, they solve technical problems. DA Pam 25-30 lists all applicable regulations. PC must coordinate any external support required. 4-97. Establishing a sound unit maintenance SOP for GSE is the maintenance officer's responsibility. 4-17. AVIATION - The officers and the soldiers of the Army Aviation community are responsible for the operation and maintenance of helicopters, planes, and unmanned aerial vehicles. ), 5-12. Through contract plant services, Army personnel are taught to install, operate, and maintain the manufacturer's equipment. TM 1-1500-204-23-1 CHAPTER 4 AIRCRAFT STORAGE AND SHIPMENT 4-1. 4-8. Flexibility in response is the key to achieving unforeseen requirements effectively. Aviation Safety Officer Training. ATP 3-92 Corps Operations. The phase maintenance inspection method is the most used maintenance inspection system. When planning a maintenance task, the maintenance officer and PC personnel must realize that these requirements are difficult to control. Consolidate maintenance resources (personnel, equipment, facilities). Perform all required nondestructive inspections on selected aircraft components and related items. This regulation mandates the minimum weather an Army aircraft may fly in, what survival equipment an aviator must wear, and stipulates that commanders must have a crew Army Regulation (AR) 95-1 sets the minimum guideline to operate as an Army aviator. AR 700-4 lists information that should be addressed in a request. DA Pams 738-750 and 738-751 contain lists of support equipment and specify the DA forms on which data are to be recorded and maintained. They perform the following duties: 4-34. Unscheduled aircraft maintenance includes unscheduled special inspections and unforeseen work requirements. This rulemaking is promulgated under the authority described in 49 U.S.C. The AMCOM is one of the major subordinate commands of the AMC. 4-71. See Figure 4-1 for a sample of a typical unit daily aircraft status report. It is preformed at the lowest level consistent with the tactical situation, skill, time, repair parts, tools, and test equipment. Working in any type of aviation environment is challenging. The Chief, MAIT or LAO, determines whether the need can be met from resources within his geographical area of responsibility. 5-21. 4-68. Logistics assistance personnel are employed by, or under contract to, one of the major subordinate commands under the AMC. 4-99. 4-94. Coordinate work input to the maintenance sections. In time of war, Army aviation missions primarily involve combat and CS. First, divide the number of workers into the capability to obtain the capability of one individual. Ensure full participation in the PQDR program. Trained and qualified engineers or technicians employed by the manufacturer provide these services in the plants and facilities of the manufacturer. Commanders must make every effort to meet FMC goals shown in Table 3-3, AR 700-138. Army Regulation 750-6 prescribes the Department of the Army policy for identification and processing of safety and maintenance technical messages for the Army equipment safety notification system including aviation (manned and unmanned aircraft) and ground combat systems and equipment. Disastrous results can occur from any failure of an aircraft system at a critical phase of flight. Figure 4-2. ATP 3-93 Theater Army Operations. 4-42. They are made when the preliminary diagnosis or the initial inspection indicates that the number of repair man-hours is likely to exceed repair limits. The Logistics Assistance and NET Division is one of the subordinate divisions of the Directorate for Readiness. All of these methods fall under the aircraft preventive maintenance system. Remove and install mechanical-lock blind rivets, solid-shank rivets, lock-bolt rivets, nut plates, turn-lock fasteners, threaded-pin fasteners, other special-purpose fasteners, and rivets. (a) Individual must be on flying status as a crewmember in accordance with AR 600-106 or be granted a waiver by HQDA, be on flying status, have performed in-flight duties for not less than 48 flight hours (whichever comes first), or be school trained; (b) An officer on flying status as an aerial observer. Ground power units, compressors, heaters, towing vehicles, fueling vehicles, test stands, and electronic test equipment are examples of GSE that must be maintained and ready to function whenever needed. AVUM units perform most scheduled inspections under the preventive maintenance system, although some are performed at the AVIM level. The supported unit commanders to better plan and manage unit maintenance. Field service representatives are important as technical communication channels between manufacturers and military users. Quality maintenance depends on preventive maintenance services and inspections. Property accountability will be maintained per AR 710-2 and AR 750-1. 4-74. Tables 3-3 and 3-4 of DA Pam 738-751 provide a partial listing of specific items under warranty. General.. It Second, factor out absent time to obtain available man-hours. However, QC standards must never be sacrificed to increase production. Most Army aircraft are also subject to special recurring inspections. The AOAP monitor is a unit orders position. Items not used for over 90 days must be processed for storage, then reprocessed when removed from storage. The following factors normally contribute to long phase maintenance inspection cycles: 4-69. Sample Daily Aircraft Status Report. The commander and the maintenance officer use these forms to check operational status, trouble spots, equipment use, and performance. Scheduling. Set up boresighting procedures for aircraft weapon systems. Allot time for preventive maintenance checks and services and scheduled maintenance. If either commander foresees a possible deviation from the established plan, he should immediately inform the other so that necessary adjustments can be made. Sample Form for Tracking Unit Man-Hours. The general concept is for crew chiefs assigned to specific aircraft to perform daily servicing, daily inspections, and some remove-and-replace, on-aircraft repairs. To compute a unit's capability, use the following steps. ; Orders - Orders placing the servicemember on flight status and, if applicable, orders assigning the servicemember to a Joint Service Airborne Command Post which identifies the servicemember as a member of an operational … NGR 614-1. Logistics assistance personnel will coordinate actions with the commander and keep him fully informed of their findings and recommendations. 4-38. Warranty control and logistics assistance offices provide information and assistance concerning the program; these offices are listed in Table 3-1 of DA Pam 738-751. Figure 4-2 shows one way that management personnel can track unit man-hours. The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view U.S. Army Regulations and DA Forms. (A good time to perform these checks is during your normal vehicle maintenance times). Components of sets, kits, and outfits are not reflected in these totals but are shown in supply catalogs prepared for each shop set authorized by the MTOE. 4-41. Its purpose is to provide the context for employing and integrating Army aviation … Knowledge of technical manuals, technical bulletins, aviation and Army regulations, procedures and methods governing aviation maintenance, requisition, receipt, storage, handling, shipment, preservation, packaging and inspection of materiel; Hazardous Material, Physical Security, Safety and Environmental Protection Programs. Likewise, do not mix one 68-series MOS with another 68-series MOS. The exact interval for such inspections is found in the applicable -23 TM. Most GSE failures can be traced directly to poor maintenance practices. 4-9. Extensive knowledge of US Army aviation maintenance practices and regulations 4. They do not add to the total time required to complete any one direct productive task. 4-85. The Aviation Maintenance Training Program (AMTP) will be phased in starting fiscal year 2018 (FY18). Some functions of logistics assistance personnel are to—. Whatever the reason for the need, technical assistance personnel may be called on for help. Direct productive man-hours must be accounted for by whatever data collecting means the unit devises. 4-101. Signed DA Form 4187 to include justification, unit POC info of currently assigned unit, and both company and battalion commander signatures. Resources. 4-58. The Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) was introduced in 2016 and replaced the Military Operational and Technical Airworthiness Regulations. (See Chapter 8 for additional details.). FM 3-04- Army Aviation (Chapter 4, Army Aviation Sustainment) FM 3-94 Theater Army, Corps, and Division Operations. Subsystems repair personnel must be scheduled for optimum use. Skill in … MOS 68G personnel in this section repair and maintain airframes. Normally the phase team leader is in charge of the repairers.  If ORF aircraft are authorized the AVIM will maintain them. GSE must be checked frequently for preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance services. There may be times, however, when the crew chief has the most experience and, depending on the circumstances, is the best person to take charge. TM 1-1500-328-23-1 Aviation General Maintenance & Practice - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Selection and Training of Army Aviation Officers . These man-hours are assigned to a unit but are not available. Ensure GSE operation and maintenance standards are detailed in unit SOP. 4-50. DA has provided commanders with the organic capability to accomplish their logistics mission. The major functions and responsibilities of the QC element are to—, 4-21. If possible, the same test pilot that performed the prephase test flight should perform the postphase test flight. When direct productivity is computed, the direct productive man-hours are measured against the total assigned man-hours. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { This includes an initial inspection, in-progress inspections, and a final inspection. Obtain maintenance assistance from other available sources. The crew chief makes the inspection after the last flight of the mission day or before the first flight of the next mission day. Unserviceable material beyond the maintenance authority or capability of a unit is promptly reported or delivered to the next higher maintenance level. Without preplanning, simple tasks can delay availability. 4-92. The crew chief and/or maintenance personnel inspect the entire aircraft, using the current phase checklist, and enter all faults identified in the phase book. Remove, disassemble, repair, assemble, install, test, and adjust mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components of weapons systems according to directives, TMs, and safety procedures. QC management is coordinated with all phases of PC management to ensure maximum productivity. "true" : "false") + "; expires=" + d.toUTCString() + "; path=/"; 4-57. document.cookie = "__adblocker=" + (adblocker ? 5-6. Monitor management of the aircraft PLL and other repair parts. 4-23. Problems of resource scheduling vary in kind and severity, depending on METT-TC and the organizational setting. DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Follow procedures in Army regulation (AR) 380-5, chapter 6, section V, *This publication supersedes FM 3-04.500, dated 23 August 2006. i *Training Circular No. A recapitulation table shows totals of equipment listed in the MTOE by type. 4-84. A typical PC section will—, 4-20. Maintenance managers must devise a simple yet informative means of tracking unit manpower with minimum assistance. Its purpose is to minimize inspection requirements for increased mission flexibility and aircraft availability. Change FM 3-04.300, 12 August 2008, as follows: With this in mind, the ALSE maintenance shop should be tai-lored to the needs of the aviation unit, activity or facility. As a result, maintenance activities often need assistance to keep current. ATP 4-94- Theater Sustainment Command Supervise the cross training of personnel with aviation maintenance occupational skills. SEPTEMBER. Before performing an inspection, QC personnel will review all the latest applicable reference material to make sure that the inspection meets current requirements. QC activities complement those of PC. Logistics assistance covers many kinds of assistance activities, including field training in maintenance and supply and in administrative and technical procedures. The Army developed two-level maintenance doctrine to support this type of warfare. For additional details on man-hour determination and application of repair limits, refer to AR 750-1. Perform maintenance and authorized modifications on aircraft weapons components, including mechanical boresighting and alignment. The intervals are usually specified in aircraft flight hours. TM 1-1500-204-23-9 provides criteria and technical data for serviceability inspections, storage and shipment, and general maintenance procedures. The aircraft maintenance section will often have to perform unscheduled maintenance. 4-19. Monitors and is technically knowledgeable of maintenance and automated systems. 4-72. Commanders at each level will use that capability to achieve and sustain their authorized level of organization. Contacting manufacturers directly is sometimes helpful in obtaining support for older pieces of GSE. The two most difficult problems facing aviation maintenance today will be identified and discussed. Equipment requiring DA forms is listed by the followingECC: 5-8. The dock method is normally used at AVUM units, AVIM units, and depots. Only those panels/components necessary to complete the inspection should be removed. Develop education programs that will help aviation mechanics develop and maintain skills. Serve as Army aviation engineering support activity for critical safety item, critical application item, and other source-controlled parts ... Support update of Army regulations (AR 70-62) Prepare MWOs & MECs in support of Army field units; Provide maintenance engineering support to Corpus Christi Army … Evaluate resources available (people, parts, tools, and time); adjust them accordingly. Signed DA Form 4187 to include justification, unit POC info of currently assigned unit, and both company and battalion commander signatures. Additional information, assistance, and ARMS Commander's Guides may be obtained at Schedule flights to provide more time for maintenance between flights. Specifics of checklist use, completion, and disposition are in the applicable aircraft PPM TMs. Diagnose, localize, and troubleshoot malfunctions to a specific pneudraulic system, subsystem, or component. Use common measuring tools, precision measuring gauges, and alignment fixtures to perform structural repairs. Examples are maintenance of tools and equipment, requisitioning replacement bench stock, and hangar and flight line FOD checks. Inventories should be conducted periodically. Qualified contractor personnel provide these services on site. Such maintenance is usually done by the aircraft crew chief, with the assistance of the AVUM company's or platoon's aircraft maintenance, armament, aviation electronics, and aircraft component repair sections. Several types of inspection methods are used on Army aircraft. The PC officer should ensure all necessary tests and GSE are available. Prepare and submit status reports of maintenance in progress to the commander and higher headquarters. When the aircraft is shut down, it is serviced immediately for fuel and oil. Organizations and activities not using ULLS-A will record daily aircraft status and flying time on DA Form 1352-1. Army Aviation Maintenance Engineering Manual WEIGHT AND BALANCE TM 55-1500-342-23, 29 August 1986, is changed as follows: 1. Consolidate missions to limit the number of flights. 5-25. Each unit is responsible for preparing its PLL and providing a copy to the supporting activity. Preventive maintenance is the first priority of AVUM units. Component service life is addressed in the overhaul and retirement schedule of the applicable aircraft maintenance manual. MOS 68B personnel in this section service and repair power plants. Remove, repair, and replace aircraft pneumatic deicing boots. They perform the following duties: 4-29. central army registry (car) unclassified//for official use only. 4-36. Remove all articles from interior of aircraft to include mission equipment, passenger seats, manuals, and soundproofing. Test, troubleshoot, and repair system-peculiar test sets and diagnostic equipment. TC 3-04.7 (Army Aviation Maintenance) - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Damaged beyond capability of repair; possible candidate for recovery. Operational units must properly use, prepare, and submit the forms identified in DA Pam 738-751. The supporting unit commanders to program and manage the support work load, anticipate repair parts requirements, and request assistance when needed. These special inspections are required by the aircraft -23 TM or by TWX notification. They may be military or civilian employees of the Army or employees of industrial or commercial companies serving the Army under contract. They perform the following duties: 4-33. If resources are not available, the request is forwarded through channels to the commanding general of the commodity command responsible for that particular field of logistics assistance. Supervise the controlled exchange program. 4-67. They will be performed according to TM 1-1500-328-23. AVIMs must consider accessibility to their supported units when selecting a tactical site.